Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Saviour of parents

Konjam over thinking panrathu, kooda porantha gunam aaitathaala, this doesn’t sound weird from any angle. Even though I don’t exactly remember any of them being told to me as a child, but I always had this fear of what I would tell my kid as story or rhymes, when he comes to that stage. Where would I go for rhymes, especially tamizh ones for I barely remember anything!! With the educational institutes waging an all out war on our tradition and culture and with urban lifestyle almost already taking care of eradicating whatever else remaining from how we grew up and the kind of stories that one got to read and hear about, was having this nagging thought at all corners of mind.

While searching for tamil rhymes in youtube stumbled  upon this treasure trove of videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaNodvDZksY&t=299s​ called Kanmani papa padalgal with various volumes of them. Right from the dosaiyamma dosai to all those famous tamil rhymes like "nila nila" and anything and everything you can think of, its right there in video format. The graphics for the cartoon are also pretty impressive and are way ahead of league when compared to some of the CG work done on movies. Especially the wide eyed kanmani and the kutty dog pappu. Love their expressions and their laughs and especially the voices dubbed for kanmani. Very very sweet. No wonder kids latch on to these and not just them. Offlate have been hearing these songs wherever I go or probably have been realising it only off late.

While searching on similar themes stumbled upon rhymes for games which my mom and her generation used to play in schools. She was stunned to hear those songs which mom herself had forgotten and those cute videos brought back so much happy memories for her. Kutty paiyan relishes these videos and has his own favorite picks. I am amazed at his taste to say the least. In a video running an hour long, he would pick the best. I am not saying his preference or like, but whichever one he picks would definitely be something anyone would live for. Watch out for the section from 7:09 till 8:29. Off all the songs in this video, he would smile and at times laugh by himself only for this rhymes.

Whoever has made these vidoes, be it the Infobell team or the Chu Chu tv team..kudos guys. Awesome job.


Ramesh said...

Completely uninterested in these videos. We demand that Gils makes videos of himself saying all these rhymes and playing all these games and post it on YouTube. We guarantee a million views :)

gils said...

uhum...naanay paathukita thaan undu..and whenever i try to "talk" any rhymes..he looks at me in bewilderment as if what went wrong!!