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Gilsbert vs the elevator

There is nothing unusual about anything that happens as usual, as long what’s deemed unusual that which is always the usual for some specimens, namely Gilsbert.
(Ppppaaahh..intha vaasagatha tee shirtlayum autolayum quotationavay podlam polarukkay!!! Note pannikaren)
Getting bulb is nothing new for Gilsbert and its been pretty well documented in this blog space about all those great adventures which resulted in bulb award ceremony. This time was no exception except that the bulb was mutually and unknowingly shared by an unknown appracenti.

It was yet another typical day when Gilsbert, forever and always lost in thought, entered a lift in office to go to 4th floor to meet his friend.
Liftla porathu varathu ithelam china kozhandhai kooda thannala pannumay.. Ithula enna bulb vaanga mudiyum apdinu kelvi kekarvanga please proceed to rest of the section. Kekkathavangalum padikalam. Baadhagamillai.

In the lift, he saw one appracenti with “V” tag, displaying the black and white photo taken at the entrance. Intha IT kambenilaam pudusa vara jeeva janthu’s till the time they get their photo embossed ID cards are given visitor tags with their photo taken and printed out on a format which would give Government issued ID card photos a run for their “no-resemblance” money. Considering the pride with which that appracenti was displaying his tag, it was pretty evident that he must’ve been a new joinee.

“Senjotru kadan theerkavo ennavo..seraatha idam sernthutiyeda kanna” nu mindvoicela antha pakkiya pathi yosichinday Gilsbert tried to press 4 on the number panel inside lift.

To his surpise, the light didn’t glow and despite repeatedly pressing, it didn’t glow either. Usually, while waiting for any lift, if you keep pressing the up/down arrow, it would make the lift come faster to you is the universal concept right? Even by that principal the 4th floor indicating button on the lift, refused to budge to that belief.

Since the display was already at 5th floor, Gilsbert tried selecting third floor so that he can walk up one floor. The button didn’t glow for that floor either. Wondering out loud, have all the bulb inside the buttons have gone fuse, he tried to press the second floor button and surprisingly that didn’t glow either.

Seeing that the lift is not stopping anywhere, the appracenti tried his luck and pressed all the buttons from 5th till 1st once again and to his panic, it didn’t accept the magic in his attempts either. He started slightly panicking and was wondering out loud, what was wrong with the lift!! He was desperate to get out of it and by the time it reached ground floor reception, he bolted out of the lift like guy who goes by that verb as his surname and races in Olympics and was waiting for Gilsbert to follow suit. To his shock and surprise, he saw the lift doors close with Gilsbert still standing inside.

Inga thaan kathaila oru twistu, if at all anyone hasn’t guessed the reason.

Operation research concept padi, for optimum utilization and proper crowd handling, majority of the high rises have split the number of floors that are serviced by elevators. All of them stop at ground floor and rest of the floors are split like a set will go all the way till first few floors and other set will cover the remaining floors, depending on which one you took.

Having realized this near the end of the lift journey, Gilsbert decided to take the same lift back to his floor apdingarathu oru endinga vachukalam. Or to avoid asingapattan autokaran moment in front of new joinee he stayed back in lift num vachukalam. Epdio..Dhoni kitenthu captaincy Kohliku pona mathiri, bulb vaanga oru saga poatiyalan ready :D


Vincy said…
oru chinna mokkaikku evalo sceneaaa? Indha mathiri evolo mokkai vaangiyirupom?
Ramesh said…
Amen Vincy. Gilsbert can write a post on anything ! Vaazhaga Gilsbert :)

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