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New year..New post

By the time I could think of a topic, already this year is 3 weekend old!! Considering that whatever were simmering at year end last year are in full blown mode now, 2016 is not much missed in that aspect. Had started the year, as per my ritual of watching a movie on Dec 31’st night. So the next few posts could well be all reviews J

Pongal release movielenthu will start – what else than Thalapathi’s Bairavaa.

The tag line has become semma famous. The guy who made “Neruppuda” of Kabali famous with his gruff voice, has lent his skill to sing the “Varlaam vaa Bairava” song which appears whenever Vijay is there on screen fighting villains, which takes almost half the running time. With each movie, whether his market share increases or not, the number of gym boys who fly around in fight scenes at his mere punch seem to increase exponentially. Even rubber balls can’t bounce as much as the ease with which he trounces the henchmen. Stunt master ku Jai ho. Either  Keerthi Suresh looks way too young or Vijay has finally grown jaded, but the pair looks as odd as Virat Kohli running between wickets with Ashwin as partner in a 350 run chase. Settay aagala. Songs uhumm. Romba sumar. Comedy is non existent. The director realized this and found a way to forcefully make some of the characters laugh by making them smell laughing gas. Guess adutha padathulalaam sirikalaina audience kum oru loatta ready paniruvanunga nenakren. As an extension of this, sentimental scenes la azha glycerine, stunt scenesla sound vida whistle, intro scenela kolutha karpooram thooki poda kuppa paper, ipdi elam supply panna uthamamama irukkum.

Story actuala oru nalla theme. Incomplete medical collegesla nadakara atrocities and how students suffer. Had this been given more scope, this movie could’ve been salvaged to an extent. But its been savaged for the sake of hero worship and has been made a mockery. Innum ethane naaliku thaan ipdi adicha parakara gym boys, artham illatha punch dialogues, kannu nollai aakara costumes and emaantha sonagiri of fan pattalams mandaila molaga arachi boost panra ticket sales nambittu padam eduka poraanga?!!!

Gils verdict – Replace Vijay and the movie title with any mass masala movie, its all the same. Naalu padam hit kuduthu, fan club base build panni, naalu public issuela confusing ural vitutu lighta politics vanthu kaasu paaka try panra kootam thaan neria aagitay poguthu. Just like how India cricket team identifies one good batsman after other, this list grows in pair right from MGR-Sivaji era. Hope we are at the end of this vicious cycle and adutha ten yearsla we get to witness good movies. Till then, you can’t say bye to Bairava like movies.


Vincy said…
Happy new year Gilsu.

I hope you will get to see better movies than Bairava to review this new year.
Ramesh said…
Aaahaaa. Much enlightened. Now I know there is somebody called Keerthi Suresh :)

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