Friday, November 18, 2016

Week that wasn't

Whenever I post a movie review, I often mention how a good looking couple with crackling chemistry on screen, make even normal and monotonous screen play look magical in a movie. Vijay Anthony, time and again proves that with a good script, looks doesn’t matter at all. Right from his first movie, Naan, which literally was the trendsetter movie of music directors donning the lead actor role, his follow-up movie Salim which was a sequel, he has showed his acumen in picking the right script that suits his limitations as an actor at the same time keeps the audience hooked. His last movie, released few months back, raised quite a few eyebrows with its title as Pichaikaaran. In the superstition abound cine industry, any negative title or one with negative connotation are always a strict NO. To rub it in he has went on to register more such “unlucky” titles for his upcoming movies as well. Pichaikaran turned out to be the biggest hit of his career and probably one of the highest grosser of the year. Recently it was shown on TV. I’ve watched his movies only when they are released on television and never on theaters. Probably will buck the trend for his next release “Saithaan”, which going by the promos looks a mystery thriller in making. Watching his Pichaikaaran, brought back fond memories of Sunday evening movie watch on good old Doordarshan days. After a really long while was watching a movie on a Sunday evening and that too a good one. To rub the point in, my mom watched the movie in all interest. For someone who never watches any movie for more than few minutes, this was an achievement in itself. The script was a perfect blend of commercial elements, good humor, fights, mother sentiments in heavy doses and with one good song. Heroine was not a distracting beauty but was the best fit, possibly , into the story. Overall, it was a decent entertainer and not surprisingly a hit across languages in which it was dubbed.

Life does throw really tickling situations at the most unexpected of places. With the ongoing currency crisis, causing serpentine queues and, for a change, irritated customers yelling at bank staff, I was in one such queue when an old lady who stood few people before me, kept on counting her 1000 rupee notes every now and then. Was wondering either she must have been doing that out of boredom in the queue or probably was suffering from OCD!! When her turn came in, she promptly deposited the ten notes she had counted by heart a thousand times and got 2000 rupee notes in exchange. When she counted the new currency she suddenly grew all agitated and started shouting at the cashier. “Naan 10 notes kuduthen..nee 5 thaan kuduthurkka..baaki 5 kudu” nu oray shouting she was. The cashier after her first attempt to pacify the lady blew her lid off. “En maa…10,000 ku ethana 2000 note tharuvaanga…idhu kuda theriama edhuku neengalam change maatha vareenga..poitu veetlenthu yaraachum kootitu vaanga” nu she started shouting, muttering about her plight. The entire queue was laughing for the way in which that old lady demanded 10 notes, when all the while she had just counted the notes and not the amount she had brought in!!!

Second situation was even funnier. There was this old man who was standing few people behind me and took the role of self appointed queue maintainer. He ordered every one to maintain discipline and was doing a really good job with his booming voice, unmatched to his wiry frame. When his turn came, he sauntered to the counter and promptly produced the form and asked for his quote of 4000 in fresh notes of new currency. The poor cashier was again at the receiving end. She thought that the man had given her old notes and is asking for new notes which she has missed. She took a few minutes to compose herself and asked him where are the old notes. He promptly replied “old notes? Apdina…arasaangam elarukum 4000 kaasu pudu notela kudukuthunnu news la sonnangalay…adha kuduma…neramaaguthu” Despite the pressure situation, the cashier also joined the laughter this time. Was reminded of a Goundamani comedy where he goes in a queue asking for patta of free land for freedom fighters who have been to jail, mistaking it to be for everyone who have been to jail.

Aduthavan bulb vaangarathula enna oru aanantham!!


Ramesh said...

Terrific mokkais from the mokkai thilagam .... :)

gils said...

Hehehe...thala sriramkhe sir blog thookitara. Not opening

Asha said...

Long time since i saw a movie...will try to see picchaikkaran and how come you come across such interesting people...ennoda Q ended even before it started.....want to stand in a queue and encounter such interesting people....long time idhu kooda i hav'nt stood in one.