Wednesday, November 23, 2016

850. Thank you

Whenever he wakes up, the first person he looks out for is his mom. How much ever me and my mom pamper him, junior will always look out for his mom as the first choice and we are all a joint distant second. For all the effort that she takes to make sure he is fed on time, even during odd hours and for having a parallel processing running on mind about him 24/7, despite the fact that he spends very less of his waking hours with her, his reactions when he sees her back from office, the liberty with which he tries out all his antics first with her and then using us for replicating, it all has a clear hall mark of a sense of gratitude hard written on it. You may term it mother love, genetics, 9 months advance acquaintance etc. But it all boils down to three people who live with you, of which two are not to be seen during majority of your day time, yet you choose one of them as your play mate. Even for voicing out his gibberish, learning new things like an ink over blotting paper, his first choice is always his mom. All those mushy syrupy honey dipped quotes and phrases on motherly love have an underlying sense of gratification and thanks if not anything else, for when you are at  your vulnerable best, depending on others to feed you at odd hours when you feel hungry, without even being able to express your hunger and crying out loud being the only source of signaling, despite having put in long hours, with sleepy tired face, if a being caters to your need and thinks only about your need sacrificing what little of sleeping time available, it makes being gratitude the least of all one can be.
Even, the most non-controversial content which is universally applicable and accepted book of all times, Thirukkural quotes that, there is redemption for any sin but for being ungratefulness. As he learns with every passing day, junior never fails to impart his out worldly  wisdom with his simple activities. With Thanksgiving waiting to dawn upon, probably would take this post as an opportunity to thank all those wonderful people, who take time to share their thoughts and have in turn helped in shaping mine. Good luck with rest of the year. Hang on tighter 😃


mahesh said...

Good one :)

Proud dad and mum of a little prince :)

Asha said...

Whoa! 850!! and what a way to celebrate with an heart warming post!!!

Swaram said...


Ramesh said...

Gilsu - Blog postellam wait pannalaam. Nappy needs changing. Get up :):)