Thursday, November 03, 2016

SWEEK memories

As a part of the entry for SWEEK, where n you’ve to reminiscence how blogging changed your life, i thought of blogging a post. The flashbacks were sporadic and random and to streamline the thought process and recollections wanted to trace back to my very first post. Since I post at a random frequency had kind of forgotten from when it all started.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was the very first word on my blog. Should it be called a word or a sentence begs a debate of its own. The back story behind the post says that it all started 10 years and 9 months ago to this date when I was impressed and intrigued curious word that I stumbled upon on a quiz show where one of the teams were named the same. Per my own volition, I had googled for the word and what originally started as a mean to record anything that interests me and is intriguing is continuing in the same way in one form or other across 846 posts.

As I glance across the posts, they are nothing short of a chronological archive of all those events in the past decade and over, that have left their mark on me and have found a way into the blog in word form. From an almost Morse code form of expressing my thoughts with all those dots, moving on to longer sentences without any para breaks, rivalling RL Stevenson, to thanglish form, one which I am most comfortable in, where I don’t have to think  in Tamil and translate for an equivalent word in English and continue to ramble on transliterating the same in Tamil, testing the patience of whichever little crowd that visits this blog.

The world of bloggers that I entered in had gone through so many changes that its hardly recognizable from what it was before. I made so many friends, some for life, with blog posts and the camaraderie easily transformed from the word form to person behind the post whenever we met in person. There was an obvious and unmistakable link between what was written and the person who wrote, even though the contents were more of a result out of hobby and nothing professional. We formed clubs, teased fellow bloggers, had frequent meets, attended personal events and as randomly and rapidly as they evolved, the moment people left the blog space, the links also dissolved. Writing was the one thread that held us all together and as each of us became busy with our own life, the hobby that united us all took back seat.

More than being seen as a personal space to vent, rant and record, blog space has become all the more serious and critical where every point has to be defended and every comment from being offensive. Other interesting aspect being the commercialization elements that have taken shape. If you can make money out of something you do happily, what else could be a better win-win situation.
Would be interesting to see how it takes shape further, in times where Social Media is something which is re-designing the way even businesses operate. Now, that could safely be called as mixing business with pleasure, for sure.


mahesh said...

Good one VSR - post it on Sweek as well. Don't be lazy :)

Ramesh said...

Blog mannan vaazhga vaazhga !

Sweek na enna ?