Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tamasha - review

There comes a movie, once in a while, which is at odds with itself and us, like Tamasha- the latest Ranbir Deepika starrer. Definitely its not a repeat watch movie. Even for one time watch, its pretty tedious at best. Dialogues being heavy on Delhi accent and language, not your usual Bollywoodish hindish. Story is also nothing new and considering that every single movie of Deeps that involves a city setting, she more or less does the same role, its all the more stale. The director is very clear on what he wants from her. The first half where the story is set in Corsica, the long legged lass is at her own free will to dress anything and everything. The moment she steps into holier than thou our country, since she has to be all wrapped up, her portion also suffers the same fate.

So..very less Deeps, very long story, strictly one time watch with hard on ear accent and lot more of Ranbir. The last point might work in favour of the lady audience. So discounting it, is the movie worth it? Heard that its already heading towards being yet another flop for Ranbir this year. The reason being the obvious points mentioned above. But, if one has a patience for watching it, you would be able to relate to it so close to self. That might've infact worked against the movie is my guess.

When I saw their previous movie, the musical masti of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, the magic in the screen was infectious and was palpable on the young crowd that turned in repeatedly making it one of the biggest hit of the lead pairs career. Everyone who watched the movie, wanted to get a break out of their monotonous routine, let loose their hair and fall in love madly. The movie struck a chord at a level which was typical of commercial flicks and the reason why they click big time. Tamasha does manages to resonate, but at a whole lot deeper level.

The movie begins with an interesting premise of a young kid rushing to hear stories from a ranting old man, paying him from his pocket money. The old man mixes up stories each time, some from Ramayana, some from famous love stories of the world. There are some really interesting conversation where he explains the universality of love and how stories are always the same across all continents and time. There is a jump to the Corsica section where two strangers decide to accompany each other without ever revealing their true identity. A bit far fetched even for the logicless moviedom. The duo manage to live on their wits and have a gala time in Corsica. Deeps being smitten with the carefree attitude of Ranbir, obviously, falls in love with him, despite their vows for no emotional involvement. Without expressing her love for him, she leaves him. With a clue that would put Sherlock to shame, she manages to trace him 4 years later in India. She meets Ranbir, the mature product manager, a far cry from the carefree ragamuffin of a lovely rogue she met and fell in love. The sober and closer to reality desi Ranbir falls in love with Deeps and on the day when he proposes to her, she rejects him saying he is false.

Now, this was the section that intrigued and was interesting in so many levels. Here is the guy who is sincere, sober and above all secure with a future and the girl has the gall to reject him. The reason for rejection being that he is fake to himself, makes him go mad and here is where Ranbir the actor scores heads, shoulders and heels over all his contemporaries. He is so good at ease with himself as a romantic lover boy in first half that, the fact that he is acting is hardly noticeable. But the difference in body language and persona that he brings in the second half makes one go WOW. Awesome performance once again from the superstar of this decade. This part of the storyline is what I mentioned as hits a lot deeper into many a broken psyche. There are scores of guys out there who put on a show in both virtual and real world. Totally different from their original self. It creates an mirage for those who fall for them and only to end up being disappointed. I know so many of my friends who are eligible every single letter of the word bachelors. I tried playing stupid cupid for some of them within our friend circle only to get a similar response as Deeps. Either they were too good to be truly believed by the gals or they simply wanted someone who was more mad than sane. Logic might argue that with maturity the realization would dawn on them. But the fact of the matter is, those guys and gals are still single to the wonderment of others. Not for a moment I am suggesting its a fault to remain single or they are losers. But, honest to god, each of them would've given a run for Deeps and Ranbir as a pair. I often used to wonder what is that X factor that blocks people from truly accepting each other or from falling in love. After watching the movie, it could be that dash of madness to the sobriety is my guess. The movie ends with Ranbir, screwing up his career and finds solace in his fantasy world of story telling. For want of a positive ending, he is shown to be successful in what he does as well and gets a spiderman like kiss from Deeps. (ithelaam cut panatheenga censor. James bond na mattum oravanjanai)

Gils verdict: I liked the movie. As evident from the BO news, the movie might've bombed already. But for those who can manage to scrape through it, they would sure find more than a thing or two to reminiscence.

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