Thursday, November 26, 2015

From Third world's war to World war III - final part

Any or all of these questions can form a nice movie script for conspiracy buffs. But this is the very sad fact that is going to lead us to war.This apathy towards whatever that happens in Kashmir, stays in Kashmir is what, that has the potential to severe the very thread that unites this great country. Else news channels wouldnt be covering Sheena Bora's death when millions are stranded on the southern end due to never before seen floods. Its this apathy towards major happenings on anything remotely south or north east that is going to bring down the concept of one nation. Its this seriousness with which they enquire every single sneeze or fart of a person sitting on parliament and the callousness towards farmers committing suicide, without bothering to understand how come so many kill themselves despite the world's biggest write off on farmer's loans is going to bring the downfall. Its this silly attitude of asking for the caste and religion of a victim before deciding on the amount of coverage that is going to divide the nation. Its this sheer criminalization of news media, that completely ignores corporations covertly exploiting natural resources from coal to water, just for the sake of patronage while appreciating the same as a movie scene is what is going to lead this country into dark ages.

Replace India and respective places with any country or place across the globe under going war on terror, you will have your answer. End of the day, there is only one agenda for terrorists. Its to spread terror. Whether to promote their religion or propagate their culture or to conquer more areas or towards global supremacy and be it via bombing holy places, shooting innocent civilians, building artificial islands or cultural inquisition via media, whatever the classification may be, whatever their mode and means may be, its all one and the same. Maybe some countries and localities are ill suited for democracy. Democracy is not the one solution that fits all, China being a glorified example for that. (It might be proven even more forcibly when communism makes way for democracy in China and when it splits the nation into numerous factions.) Growth and development are those changes that spares none. No country can remain in isolation in the globalization era. The pain or joy suffered by one will obviously be felt across and it would be that one domino which would be having never ending effect on us all.

What is chronologically going to be the third is going to be the first war of the worlds. But unlike the previous two, this one would fought over nothing. There wouldn't be any justification, for that matter no war is justifiable, as to the exact trigger for it, for the root cause of it lies in the silent minds and grey hearts of all of us, who despite having the power, chose to remain silent to the sufferings of fellow beings. For we are those who fail to understand our next door neighbour, leave alone sparing effort to understand fellow human being suffering on a far off country.

Can it be avoided? YES. A resounding YES.
How to avoid it? Very simple. The answer has been revealed ages before. Do unto others as others would do unto you. Love thy neighbour. Lets rejoice the happiness of every human as ourselves. Lets rejoice the records of every human as ourselves. Lets shed tears for the sadness of every human as ourselves. We get thrilled watching a Jamaican blast off the track, we celebrate an Australian rule the pool, we adore a South African master the bowlers world over, we applaud an American movie for their craft, we are avowed by the scientific acumen of an European, we get awestruck by the tenacity of Indian. Never doing any of these occasions do we query about their religion or color or caste or nationality. The pride of them being a fellow human who have achieved a bit more of their potential in their field is the single uniting reason that binds all. If we can take part in their happiness, why not their sorrow. Lets condole, condemn and cry for every single human life. Bullets are mere balls of lead which doesn't differentiate. But the finger that presses the trigger is tied to a human heart which surely can.

From a newbie dad who is scared for the world his son going to face.

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Ramesh said...

Don't worry Gilsu - our children will have a better world than we had. Humankind has a great way to advance, even when it looks to be regressing backwards. The human spirit is noble. The current brand of terrorism, just like the horrible wars before, will pass. There will be many joys. And a few sorrows, for how can there be joy if there's no sorrow. But overwhelmingly joy.

The newbie dad can rest easy :)