Saturday, November 21, 2015

From Third world's war to World war III - part 1

My prediction is, WW III will be more like a rehash of WW I.

Imperialists brought in mirrors and Bible in exchange for gold and land and that triggered the dog fight of WW I. Replace that with Democracy and we've the recipe for WW III ready. The sequence of any recent war goes like this - There will be a corrupt democratic government, ruling over a land flush with oil, with the people of those countries who couldn't care less for who ruled them as long as they don't get into their rulers blacklist. The government would soon be over thrown by a military coup or an army strongman with western backing. He would get all support to let leash his tyranny on his own folks with the blessings of the biggies.  By the time the people of the country come to terms with the new order, one fine day, the tyrant would wake up to mess up with the business leaders from the biggies which would cause them to suddenly realize the absence of the very same democracy that they over threw. Since the puppet tries to do its own choreo they would want to cut strings and stitch a new doll. And more importantly their defence sector would be itching for a real time scenario to show case their new weaponry. Mix it all and presto.. you got your own custom made invasion. Once their mission of doll replacement is accomplished, the biggies unanimously confer that the livelihood of those very people whom they bombed to death have been liberated and would claim victory for democracy and more self pats and hi-fi's. All the while the poor country men, who would've been royally pissed off would decide to avenge and would fall into the trap of the second set of tyrants awaiting to overthrow the new puppet government. Replace with appropriate country name at the right places, you would cover all the wars fought in last 8 decades.

Wonder if the classification of Asian and African continent as third world had anything to do with these wars. Western world being so  self centred, no wonder they considered these two continents as "third" world, for these were the very people who once thought sun revolved round the earth, when the so called third world-ers were busy calculating the weight of earth to speed of light. If one has to explain the two world wars in 7 words it would be Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Lust for new lands, Envy over other sects prosperity, Pride over one's superiority, Greed for more wealth and Wrath of regional fiefdoms were major contributors for both the wars combined. If at all the 3rd one happens, which many have been predicting for lot many years in all "earnest", it could be due to the 8th deadly and deadliest of sins - Apathy.

The biggest weapon Americans and Europeans hold are not the sum total of all their nukes and cruise missiles, but their vice like grip on international media. Whether one has to know what happens in their nation or any country on the planet, we have to depend on them as the only source. I fail to imagine how in the world they convince social media, which i believe will be the true representative of facts based on merciless dissection of the very same facts, to dance to their tunes!! While any attacks on the western world are protested with memes and toons and comments ranging from caustic to sarcastic to outright hyper being posted to discoloring of profiles in support, several times severe atrocities elsewhere are received without even a bate of an eyelid. What have all those sanctions achieved that the very government has decided to enter into a new deal with the same people who were painted villains. Have those people who were stoned to death for wearing modern clothes stopped complaining or the pelter's have run short of stones? Have those who are hanged without trial been given their justice or has the laws changed? Have all those hatred spewing venomous group that pour rockets on their neighours been clamped tight or have they turned a new leaf? NEITHER is the answer. No one actually understands why so many refugees are staking their life in scrambling towards an unknown nation while some of their own countrymen are up in arms against their very government.

So whom do you support in this case - the tyrant who gives his ascent towards killing his own citizens or the stray groups who take up arms against him? Surprisingly both have their backers. For every bullet fired, every bomb that burst, every mask that they wear, where do those militants get the money to buy them? Its so simple a strategy that if you stop the hand that feeds the devil and you need not worry about prayer. Yet its not as simple as it sounds. I, for one, feel home sick, if i stay long in office in my own city!! Imagine the plight of those millions who have to leave behind their life's possessions and scramble for safety in unknown lands only to be branded as refugees and treated like stray animals. Why are they there in first place? why the major nations are falling over themselves in accepting more of the displaced people? is it to wash away the very sin that they were responsible for the plight? Is it to cover the fact that the very evil that they vow to defeat are funded and armed by them? Are the very explosives that they threw and grew which led to citizens becoming refugees any way saintly than the very same that the terrorists threw back at them? Why the disparity in killings? why the partiality towards human life? Why don't people world over condemn any and every single death that is due to needless causes like these?

Rants to be continued..


Ramesh said...

That's a solid rant. Not sure I agree though.

Yes, Western powers have a share of responsibility, but only a share. They have meddled for sure. But increasingly countries have to own up their own responsibility for the mess they are in. And why do you say that media is in the control of western governments. They are not. Media today is atomised all over the world and shrill. It is a veritable cacophony.

The rise of Islamic terrorism is a huge global problem. While other forms of terrorism - the IRA, the Tamil Tigers, the Basque separatists and the like have all waned, Islamic terrorism has become a major issue. This is our cancer today.

gils said...

Unga comment reply kaga innoru post podanum :)) adthu rendu part varuthu :))