Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Third world's war to World war III - part 2

It all traces back to the myth that having scrapped the rest of the world off their resources and pride, the western world has created an image of a safe haven about themselves where roads are paved with gold and peace and prosperity is birth right of its citizens. That they care so much about their citizens that every single loss of life is condoled world wide, raises goosebumps and becomes symbol of something to follow world over is something that restores faith in humanity time and again. But why such price tag of protection applies only to its own citizens and not to humans in general? why is that every single life of a being born on their land is much superior than one born else where? Its the answers to these questions that are growing in to the Hydra of terrorism which is raising its wicked heads back at its creators spewing venom. Again the victims are no one else but common men who have no say over the policy decision on their law makers. Surprisingly neither the elected governments that declare war nor the terrorists swipe at each other. They are united in their approach of targeting civilians who have to bore the brunt of the misdeeds of their makers.

Wonder if the classification of Asian and African continent as third world had anything to do with these wars. Western world being so  self centred, no wonder they considered these two continents as "third" world, for these were the very people who once thought sun revolved round the earth, when the so called third world-ers were busy calculating the weight of earth to speed of light. If one has to explain the two world wars in 7 words it would be Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Lust for new lands, Envy over other sects prosperity, Pride over one's superiority, Greed for more wealth and Wrath of regional fiefdoms were major contributors for both the wars combined. If at all the 3rd one happens, which many have been predicting for lot many years in all "earnest", it could be due to the 8th deadly and deadliest of sins - Apathy.

The biggest weapon Americans and Europeans hold are not the sum total of all their nukes and cruise missiles, but their vice like grip on international media. Whether one has to know what happens in their nation or any country on the planet, we have to depend on them as the only source. I fail to imagine how in the world they convince social media, which i believe will be the true representative of facts based on merciless dissection of the very same facts, to dance to their tunes!! While any attacks on the western world are protested with memes and toons and comments ranging from caustic to sarcastic to outright hyper being posted to discoloring of profiles in support, several times severe atrocities elsewhere are received without even a bate of an eyelid. What have all those sanctions achieved that the very government has decided to enter into a new deal with the same people who were painted villains. Have those people who were stoned to death for wearing modern clothes stopped complaining or the pelter's have run short of stones? Have those who are hanged without trial been given their justice or has the laws changed? Have all those hatred spewing venomous group that pour rockets on their neighours been clamped tight or have they turned a new leaf? NEITHER is the answer. No one actually understands why so many refugees are staking their life in scrambling towards an unknown nation while some of their own countrymen are up in arms against their very government.

So whom do you support in this case - the tyrant who gives his ascent towards killing his own citizens or the stray groups who take up arms against him? Surprisingly both have their backers. For every bullet fired, every bomb that burst, every mask that they wear, where do those militants get the money to buy them? Its so simple a strategy that if you stop the hand that feeds the devil and you need not worry about prayer. Yet its not as simple as it sounds. I, for one, feel home sick, if i stay long in office in my own city!! Imagine the plight of those millions who have to leave behind their life's possessions and scramble for safety in unknown lands only to be branded as refugees and treated like stray animals. Why are they there in first place? why the major nations are falling over themselves in accepting more of the displaced people? is it to wash away the very sin that they were responsible for the plight?

When i read the above para again, i myself realize that my mind has been polarized into trivializing such activities on the other side of the hemisphere, which is the very reason i want to protest in this post. When will the all encompassing media start to project their ire against perpetrators of terror without assigning any tag - be it in the form of religion or region. Again i revert to India for example as this great country can be that sample set for any situation for the entire world to observe and follow. If i consider Kashmir as the case point from media perspective, unless they have no other news to cover which can either trivialize the government or be a blatant violation of privacy of any public individual or any sports related controversy, very rarely does the real picture of the happenings on the valley are shared to the general public. Not a day passes where our jawans loose their limbs or life and the occurrences are so regular that they don't even merit a sidebar along side the numerous ads that cover the tv news screen. Why are they getting killed? for whom are they dying? who are they fighting? what are those guys against whom they fight, fight for? what is their real struggle? are they seditionists as portrayed by government after government? are they invaders in proxy from across the border? are they disgruntled civilian vigilantes who over grew their role? are they part of some devious design to contain our country? from where do they get funds? who is the sponsor? why can't those accounts be frozen? why no one paints their profile for every single life that is lost there? why no one bombs any hideouts or targets and flush out the killers? why do those killers are given glorified coverage and all legal rights reserved for civilians even after capture? why does the media project them as heroes in the name of alternate view point ? is it because they are part of a mother organization/nation that strives to see us down?

Rants still more to come..

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