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Circa education

How many planets are there in the solar system?

Who invented aeroplane?

Who invented electric bulb?

Who is known as the father of electricity?

Who invented telephone?

Who is known as the father of internet?

Ennada ivan thideernu competition success review rangeku kelvi kekaraannu paakreengala. Avlo ariva valarakra bloga itha maathara mathiri entha ideavum illa. Still, coming back to those questions. These would be the basic GK questions, ever since time immemorial and probably all kinds of school syllabus will have some or other chapter dedicated to each of them. The problem now is, what would be the correct answer for these questions?!!!

Should it be a 9 planet solar system or 8, considering that pluto has been knocked off!! (yaara kettu panraanga ithelaam?? ennoda jaathagathula pluto dosham irunthuthu..Ippo athukku naan parigaaram pannanuma venama??!)

Wright brothers nu answer sonna americalaye adika varanga. Ohio, North Carolina poga Connecticutum sandaikku varuthu. Mudiva entha oorkaaran kandupudichuthunnu avanga solvanga paatha..ella koattaiyum azhi..firstlenthu start panlaamnu, flighta kandupudichathu Indian nu solli hindi padamay vanthirukku!!! ippo namma oorla CBSE syllabusla ellamay vellakaran sonna thaan nambuvanga. Appo state boardla Indian kandupudichannum..CBSE, international schoolsla Americannum irukuma?? apdinnalum entha American? Wright brothersnu answer sonna righta thappa??? avvvvvvvvvvvv

Ithey pola thaan micha kostinsum. Every single major invention is being debated and disputed for ownership. History can be rewritten aana history syllabusa enna panuvaanga? old history new history nu maathuvangala?? apdi paatha historynaalay old thaana?? lot more avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

With each political party that comes to power, they want to project their own leaders into prominence. Ithula APla padikaravanukku Bharathiyar pathi theriyuma therila..TNla padikaravanuku Pingali Vengayya pathi therinjirukka chance kammi..seri CBSE na national levella cover pannirupanga paatha..ellamay politically correct version irukku.

Oru comedy scene nyabgam varuthu..

Dad asking his kid, who is seen beating his class teacher

"enda vaathiyara adikara"
"naan sariya ezhuthina answeruku thappu potrukaan"
"apdi ennada ezhuthina"
"Indiavoda president Abdul kalam sonen"
Teacher tells dad "athu pazhaiya president sonna othuka maatengaran..ippo yaaro avanga pera thana sollanum"
"Yov..neenga maatukka presidenta mathuveenga..athukku nanga enna panrathu...poaatu saathungayya ivana"

Mela irukara situationum..intha post contentaiyum relate panni paatha..comedy edhunu enakku purila!!!!
and last but not the least... the mega question - is Netaji dead or alive??!! Nehru maama kitta kekanumo? ;)


Ramesh said…
Very easy Gilsu. Answer to all the questions is amma. Living in Tamil Nadu that's the safest and "rightest" answer. If you ask ten more kostins, the answer is the same :):):)
gils said…
perpekt anjer :D blorela enna solveenga appo :D

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