Monday, April 20, 2015

A review that isnt!!

Paakatha padatha review panna mudiyuma?
That's what anyway all those religious outfits do, in the name of banning movies just by guessing their content.
I am not calling for a ban, not yet anyway :)
Rephrasing the first kostin..can you review a movie without watching it fully? OK Kanmani feels like a movie capable of it. I wouldn't comment on the movie per se for, as I said, I am yet to see it. But I am ill at ease with its theme - live in relationsships.

Erkanavay intha aaloda Alaipaayuthey paathutu, evlo pasanga veetukku theriyama register marriage pannikitaanga!! Many of my college mates contemplated it, several did, one ended in a disaster which claimed his life and other is still going strong. Padatha paathu mada thanama decide panra makkalukaga we can't change our movies. But sitting in the closed auditorium with your friends group, with romantic nerve tingling music blaring from speakers all over and cutey cute looking heroines along side their handsome hunk heroes is enough to brainwash, just into teen kids. The already make believe world of cinema which holds our politics in its iron grip, tightens its tentacles further with its never ending love stories. Each one more vicious, gentle, syrupy mush yet sentimental in flavor and lulls the youth audience into a tricky world.

One has to admit that, had cinemas are just meant to entertain and people should forget the movie as they step outside the theater, they are just conning themselves. Right from the days of MS Subbulakshmi to Nithya Menon and MGR till Dulquer salman, every one who has donned their grease paint for the first time, have banked on peoples admiration for their next coat of make up. Especially, down south, where people are vehemently addicted to movies and their stars and their directors and go to the extent of worshipping them, you just need few witty dialogues and an interesting story to impress the millions.

Marriage as a concept has been facing tough competition for its existence from all quarters. People who wants to get married are not getting matches, those who do get married look for the first quarrel to jump out of it and with a more liberal society where, in a overdose of positivity, people who are out of the wedlock are encouraged and praised and last but not the least, increase in number of commitment phobic folks, stories like OKK which glamorizes live in relationships slam another big nail on the coffin for the wedding concept. Being the youngest country in the world, we at present, more than ever, need proper guidance and counseling for the entire country as a whole and I strongly believe our culture and values should be the pillars to lean on and move forward. Changing the philosophies to suit the time and staying current are fine as long as they don't erode the very base where we stand.

As much as I detest Tasmac driven songs and veecharuva movies, I scare for these soft rom-com movies which are equally dangerous for a directionless youth crowd.


Ramesh said...

A deep philosophical question Gilsu behind your usual breezy style. How far are movies responsible for shaping cultural values. In most parts of the world a movie is just a movie. But in South India, at least, it is a religion. People have lost the ability to separate fiction from reality. And easily impressionable youngsters will precisely do as you have outlined in your post.

So should movies with uncomfortable themes be stopped. No. Because if its not movies, something else will swing the impressionable. The true test is to develop an independent mind that can assess and decide for yourself. In its absence, a person will always be swayed by the nonsense that goes on around - impossible to save him. Somewhat like the sheer lunacy that makes people take their own lives, because something happened to some tin pot "leader" of theirs.

I should not have posted such a serious comment on a breezy blog, but your post set me off thinking. By the way, your posts are changing in character. Maybe a certain lady is having a huge influence :):)

gils said...

avvvvv....thala ivlo peria comment posting ...that too for a review post!!! vara vara anushka pathilaam pesareenga..cinema pathi comment podreenga..thala..engayoooo poiteenga neenga :D :D:D

Vincy said...

Gilsu, imagine my plight when movies like this are a hit, when I have a teenager at home. More than anything else I got to do a lot of self counselling :-)

What Ramesh says is a big truth especially in the part of the world that we live in, people sway so much to the silverscreen.

gils said...

ejjatlee my point..imagine u goin to movie with him and enjoying all scenes...when you see him also enjoying those scenes..kandippa vayithila pulia karaikkum :) vara vara padam pakkarathay politics aaidum pola!! naan enn seiven avvvvvvvvvvv