Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A day in the life of a husband

"Work life balance is a must you know. Eppo paaru officea kattindu azharathu enakku suthama pudikala..veetuku ponoma..tv paathoma..relax aanomaanu irukanum. Office timela office..veetukaana timela veedu..ashtey lifeu" Ram was proclaiming his declaration to his team.

"I don't want to see any of you anywhere even on the pin code of office this weekend..go and enjoy"

When he started for home, then only he realized he didn't book office cab for that day. Since he started early, he decided to take the bus. As usual MTC tested his patience and by the time he boarded the bus along with a million other people, he was half dead from hunger.

He came home late from aapeece, dead tired from travel. Ithula enna matterna, velai naala tired aanatha vida, travel naala tired aanathu thaan unmai. Looking at the number of sandals and shoes outside the house, he got a fair bit of idea on the crowd inside. He counted at least 6 different voices, having several combinations of conversation along side tv news blaring away in its glory. While debating within himself as to whether to enter or not, he was spotted.

"Vaada ram...ungaaam thaan. avlo doubta paathundrukka"

"Ungaathukkay unakku vazhi sollanum polrukkay. Yendimaa..nalla valarthu vachurkka pullaya. kalayanam aagi ivlo naalagarthu..innum amma munthanaiya pudichindu thaan velila varuvanaa"

Bracing himself for more such barrage, he gritted his teeth and groaned a smile.

Uma came out from bedroom talking to someone over phone "haan..avar thaan..officelenthu vanthaachu...pesarela?...inthaango" she gave the phone to Ram and escaped from that place, without even mentioning who was on line.


Still thinking who it is "hmmm..nallarukken..neenga" asked in hope of getting a clue to whom he was talking to.

" Enakkena..kaadu vaa vaanguthu..veedu po ponguthu..wifea kootindu veetu pakkam vaada..unnathaan paakavay mudiarathilla"

"avvvvvvvvvvvv...yaarunnu sonna thaana enga varathunaay theriyum" nu
yosichikittay.."hehee..varen varen..." looking at amma entering the room.."oru nimisham..ammata tharen" he gave the phone like a hot potato and escaped from that scene.

Uma cornered Ram.."en ipdi ummmnu moonjia vachindu irukkel..vanthirukkava kitta gala gala nu pesi pazhagina thaana nallarukkum. Candy crusha vachundu ukkanthelna phonelenthu atha uninstall panniduven aprum. Poittu ellarkittayum enna edhunu visaareengo"

Ram saw his maamanar trying to watch news channel amidst all the cacophony surrounding him.
"Enna maama..epdirukel"
"Nalla irukken..enakku ithula tamil news channellam entha channela varum sollungalen.."
After he arranged the news channels on a scroll and gave it to him, Ram was conveniently forgotten.
"Actualla ippo oru detective serial varum..Star Worldla..athu paakalama"
He wasn't sure whether he was not audible or ignored, looking at the lack of response, he moved on in his quest.

His mom and Maamiyar both were in deep conversation and when they saw him approaching they smiled at him.
"Vaango maapla...enna solra Uma" she asked laughingly.
"ava enna sonna? onnum solalaiye" replied Ram confused what she should've told him.
"Edachum vambu pannaalna enkitta sollungo.." she laughed again..
"Right" he made a mental checklist on the list of people to meet and moved on to the next group.

"Enna athimber..ellam bore adichindrukala ungala" asked his nephew and niece who were happily playing candy crush and hill climbing on their mobiles.
"hmm..ennada level velaadra..adapaavingala..652va!!! schoolukay pogama ithaan panitrukeengala eppo paaru"
"neenga vera..en friend 800 thaanditaan..avana beat pannaum..neenga entha levella irukkel"
Ithukku mela anga iruntha image damagenu lighta he moved away from there.

Uma encountered him again on the hall. He gave her his progress report.
"Ellarkitayum pesitten"
"Naan enna one word exama vachen..ellarkitayum oru vaartha pesitu varathuku...shabba..ungala vachundu ennala mudila" she entered kitchen with a sigh trailing like kari engine.

Ram surveyed the room again. His maamanaar was still watching news, the kids on phone and the ladies chatting in their own language. Suddenly he picked his phone..
"Ennathu..udanay office varanuma" he blurted out loud.
"yaaruda phonela..ippothana officelenthu vantha" enquired amma
"...weekend vera extend panni work pannanuma"
"ennathu..marubadiyum weekend officela staya..veetla guests vanthirukka vara mudiyaathu sollungo" urged Uma
"....kandippa vanthu thaan aganuma..production issueva..seri.." he kept the phone and said bye and apology to everyone in a hurry.

Within no time Uma packed him a small snack box. Half protesting and yet grabbing the dabba he dashed out in a hurry, promising to call her once he reached office.

He reached office, to find few night shift admin folks.

"Enna sir..ippo thaan poneenga..adhukulla vanteenga..ithaan unga work life balancea"



Ramesh said...

I know a certain lady who is going to hit you on the head. Does she read your blog ??????????

Gilsu - you are too recently married to write this post :)

gils said...

hehehe...link kudukkala innum :D

Vincy said...

Isnt Ram a binami for you gilsu?

I think you definitely need a training on " How to manage interpersonal relationships with relatives'. and another one on " Effective Communication at homefront" since it is you i can do it for free and your family is going to be happy. I will make it interesting with simulation activities, videos and real life scenarios. what say you?

So when are you free Gils?

gils said...

avvvvv...ram ethuku bemani nu thitreengannu paathen :D:D

rendu courseum mustu..aana rembbbaa lateu :D