Friday, August 10, 2012

Toast of India

Nope. This is not a post on AMUL.

I read this article about an extraordinary Indian and it was so touching and exhilarating that felt it would be nice to share it in this blog.

As like any hero worshipper or fan, the author has sang paeans about this man and i hope there are no skeletons tumbling out by the time this post sees the light of the day. For now, lets bask in the happiness that this favourite country of God is blessed periodically with people who would give their damnest to get things done.

I've had the privilge to use two of your designs, the one at Rameswaram and the one at Konkan. Thank you for those innumerable wide eyed stare and wonder spots that were sprinkled all along throughout the journey. Your life and achievements are etched in stone examples for the saying, "success is not a destination, but a journey". No wonder people admire the course of engineering so much and fall head over heels for it. If this much can be achieved by one dedicated engineer, well, i can only say he did his course and job proud.

God bless you noble sire.


Vincy Joseph said...

Gils, this article is an amazing tribute to Dr.E.Sreedharan. One sentence says it all about this legend - Bharat Ratna does not deserve this man. I am a great fan of this simple man, and coincidentally, I was asked at my workplace, yesterday, if I would want to go for a conference in the month of sept sacrificing a weekend in a new landmark at Chennai. I looked at the dignitaries in the list and one name made me say a yes. Dr. E Sreedharan. I only hope my nomination does not meet any hiccups due to the approval procedure. Keeping my fingers crossed.

And Gils, thanks for the link. thats truly fantabulous.

Vincy Joseph said...

and gils, this background is far better than the earlier green one. That was a little too much for my ageing eyes ;-)

gils said...

with the limited template options available in the server...i try to set one which is closest to the theme of the post. this one felt more "engineering"y :D

gils said... got an audience with the big man himself!!! woww!!!

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - yeah an outstanding Indian.The Delhi metro especially is a huge achievement.

@Vincy - what is this strapping lass doing complaining about ageing eyes ?:)

golmaalgopal said...

Nice tribute...I didn't know that the Rameswaram bridge was one of his projects. Konkan and DMR is an awesome feat...considering all the Babu'dom he had to negotiate !

Vincy said...

@ Ramesh, Ahhhh.. see you noticed it. I was simply fishing for compliments.. I got a fitting one.. Strapping lass.. Thats going to help me for a month.. :-) :-)

Asha said...

Amazing feat, knew E.sreedharan had accomplished some feats like the Delhi metro thanks to few stories in the week and India today. But braving such difficulties..... Truly a man of grit. I've heard the konkan railway route is the most scenic in the world.

His story is a perfect ACK material. IBH, are you reading?

Aarti said...

Amazing stuff indeed... !!

and this background is so much easier to read :)

gils said...


aduthu queula neenga thaan thala


adapaavi...nee inum bloglaam padikaria!!! aal addressay kaanama iruntha!! hru?

gils said...


lol :D unga nermai enaku romba pudichiruku


kalakiteenga..semma suggestion..kandippa ivar storylaam publish pananum

gils said...


ivlo votea intha backgroundku!!! appo konja naal oatren itha vachu

golmaalgopal said...

Hee hee...appappo me the stalk :) I'm doin pretty well...and now back to more time to read..and write !

gils said...

woow..sooper sooper