Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Pudhu mannu, Pudhu vaathu

Veli oor vantha enna pannanum? see..actually..basically..physically..chemically..logically... ipdi egappata ly poatu pesanum. And sambradhyaapadi intha oor makkal pathi sollanum. Ibn Batuta kaalathulenthu itha thaan ellarum panitrukaanga. And me no FateMove (Vidhi vilakku you see) to that.

*** First thing that stuck me after coming here was the slogan of Godzilla movie - Size does matter. Rather..inga size doesnt matter.. at all. Namma oor makkal can learn this as much as their thick skin can. Despite pionnering(??!!) the fashion world with the concept of size zero, the majority of these makkal hardly bother how they look. Obesity may be the highest in this country, but  doubt if fast foods alone are reason for that. People dont get stressed with the way they look. But again, there are 2 extremes here. Those who are freaking fit conscious, i see one thonnooru vayasu thaatha lifting weights in gym, and those who dont give a damn to how they look. Its the second kind that fascinates me. It puts so many things into perspective. There are loads of people here who would make Jaaba the Hutt from STAR WARS look like Mr.Hercules title holder. Still it hardly bothers them. Infact they are treated with equal if not more respect and are not looked down upon by others. I feel so puny and tiny around here, literally and mentally. Its a major major lesson for the perennially prejudiced me. Atleast i wouldnt feel bad looking at my own bulk now :)

*** Another interesting, tad irritating at times, point, for me atleast, noted is the way they begin to talk. Every single person i've met, always ALWAYS begin their conversation with a "hello, how are you". SELDOM i've seen someone talking without this greeting to each other. Wherever you go, whether you respond back or not, by default, by practice, the greeting is the way any chit chat or official talk begins. At times, it feels too phony and false to be true. But it makes an excellent courteous gesture. Whether you are a stranger or a known face, there is always a smile on offer when people pass by. At times, i frown or stare back, wondering whether i knew that person, blame it on my memory, only to get the same smile again the next time too!!! Namakku ..uhumm..suttu poattalum varaathu. Schoollaye good morning good afternoon sonnathilla. Engayaachum naama first aala good morning solli..anni pozhuthu avanuku oothikichinna naal poora thituvaananynu oru nolla ennam thaan.  After coming here..maathika vendi irukkum nenakren.

Kodumai for the day :

Offshorela irukarapovay..vidhyaasamaaa ethachum item order panirunthaanganna will ask a hundred million times whether its veg or not before rejecting to eat it. Inga kekanuma? Etha paathalum oorvana, parappana mithappana species mathirye was questioning the recipe of everything from cold water to desserts. It so happened there was a team lunch and being the sole rep for the veggie clan, i was given some elai thazhai to fullfill my role as oppuku chappani in that otherwise carnivorous melee of dead on arrival dishes. There was an interesing dish which my colleague had on his plate and since it was white in color, was half sure that it had to be a veg dish.

"Machi..intha dish veggie thaana?"
"Hmmm..enaku terinju tissue paperlam veggie categoryla thaan varum nenakren"

Asingapattaan autokaaran :(

(Kodumais Kontinued)


Aarti said...

hahaha.. aiyo pavam saar neenga!!! yen ippadi kayareenga? have heard US has plenty of veg options these days, mama keeps saying how people are turning veggies, infact many are vegan... and ungalukku tissue thaan kidaichuda.... ada kadavule!! :)

As for the 1st para, yes, thatha paati came back and were like "nobody stares, nobody cares, they live and let live, amazing attitude" atha konjam namma oorukku kadathittu vanga saar.. punniyama pogum

gils said...

naamalaam bulb vaangalina edison kocchipaar :)

Ramesh said...

?Hello. How are you ?

The kodumais get more and more interesting as indeed are the unique Gilsananda perspectives on the citizens. Following important clarifications will further enhance our understanding

- What is Gils doing in a gym (especially next to a thonooru vayasu thaatha) ?
- Is Gils these days in the category "freaking fit conscious" or "don't give a damn how they look " ??
- Plizzz to elaborate on the gastronomic qualities of elai thazhai

Good evening Gilsu :)

gils said...

Thalai..ithunaala thaan neenga thalaiya irukeenga :D:D apart from the 90 vayasu thaatha..ammanis also coming to gym u see... :D:D

Venkat said...

exactly on the same day this post got published, one of my malayali friend saw me suddenly appearing from meeting room at afternoon and asked hey how are you?
(நாங்க ரெண்டு பேரும் கலையில room விட்டு வெளில வந்த போதும், எங்க journey of the day starts together from veichle to breakfast to work desk and sharing of works, all office stories and அசட்டு smiles till we return to accomodation) இப்பிடி இருக்க எண்ண பாத்தது how r you? கேட்டுட்டான், எனக்கு சிரிப்பு அடக்க முடியல,

-டேய் சட்டி தலையா கலையில எப்பிடி இருதேனோ அப்புடியே தாண்ட இருக்கேன்னு சொனேன்,
-சாரி மாப்பு பழக்க தோஷம், எல்லாரையும் கேட்டு கேட்டு automatica வந்துடுது அபிடினான்..

there is a huge difference when english people acutally mean that word and non-english people reproduces just like radio FM. difference is that genuine feeling.