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Shwaas - Marathi movie

Heart melting. You would've heard this phrase repeated for all and sundry to the extent of being abused off its meaning. Watch this movie. You can feel the phrase. I couldnt control my emotions sitting throughout the movie. Every single living being in the movie..oozes with warmth and genuine affection that it makes one feel proud to be human and realise how GOOD it feels to love someone without any expectation and inhibition. There is no villain in the movie and it could almost become an awareness creation ad campaign but for the meager production values. The movie is so simple and pure, with a single line story and shoestring budget. But it is riveting right from the first scene. The characters are all so natural, the situation so obvious and precise, the acting..was it acting?? I thought it was a candid camera on a real life granpa and his grandson. Amazing performances. And lilting background music. With tamil subtitles it feels as if they are mouthing their dialogues in tamil itself. I loved the scene where the mother talks to the granpa over phone enquiring about the kid. The kid butts in asking about the cow and the calf and ...i dont want to spoil the fun. Just watch that scene. Its nothing short of magic. So touching and realistic. And the final scene says it all. I am sure, it wouldnt just be the kid who applauds in the end.

Kicking myself as to how i missed this one for so long. But glad i finally saw it. Konjam..ila..romba overavay pheel panni kooviten nenakren. But again, i've poured in how i felt after watching the movie. May not be everyone's cup of tea.


G3 said…
Me pharshtu :)

Aapisla padam paakra alavukku innum technaalagy munnerala.. so vootukku poi paathutu will comment :)
Aarti said…
Sooper.. thanks for the link, loading it, shall watch sometime today and share my views :)

eppadi stumbled on the movie??

btw, you seen Khuda ke liye or BOL? do watch em... both Pakistani movies, so strong, so filled with moral and story... beautiful
RS said…
Enaku WMW ku oru padam kedachathu, thanks!

Oru doubt gils: How can one kick oneself? Just wondering, won't you topple over and fall??? Please demonstrate know?
gils said…
neenga aapeecela padam paathathu illay?? cho chad :)


rendum paathathill..wl add to the list :) ithu frnd kandupudicha padam..not me :)

romba jimple...oneself nu ezhuthittu atha kick panna poachu :) avvvvvvvvvvvvv...epdi iruntha aathivasi ipdi ketu poitangalay !!! sagavasa dosham
Ramesh said…
Entha bashaiillum padam pakkarathu unda ?? How about Korean or Tagalog ???

Btw Onga ooru Woodlands ikku poyi $8.50 masala dosai sappittengala ????
gils said… tht u asked...birend gave me korean movie link..nalla iruku sonaan collection..paathutu solren :)
tagalog?? apdi kooda language iruka/?

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