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Kaathalil sothapuvathu eppadi?

What an intriguing title. This would've been the question on every guy or gal who ever crossed their teens and first love syndromes. A question for which there is no definitive answer. The answer that has wrecked many a romance. And the reason for which is known to none. A dog chasing its own tail situation. But everyone loves to be in love and some even loves the misery that accompanies it. No wonder its called "falling" in love. You fall from your normal stance and make a fool of yourself and yet tend to enjoy it all the while. Its essentially that feeling of joy of liking someone and getting your liking reciprocated, that which overpowers everything sane in your life.

The movie is an adaptation of a short film by the same director and title. Kudos to the director for retaining most of the cast from the short film in the movie. Its Siddarth's show all the way. He narrates, cribs, smiles, laughs, cries, angers and charms throughout the movie ( quoted verbatim from all the comments collected from the girls sitting behind our row. Never knew Sid had such a big gal following!!! 75% of the crowd were girls. Mothama collegelenthu vantaanga pola!! Well..who cares :D ) Amala paul comparatively has lesser screen presence :(( Is it just me who thinks she looks good on the tv interviews than in movies? But semmmmma expressive eyes. Vara ovvoru scenlayum pinni pedal eduthings. Director kanjama ila continuitykaagava therila..first halfla mukkavaasi neram lead pair roams on same costume. Supporting cast is the lifeline for this movie. Friendsa vara pasanga..esp that guy who gets slapped by every gal he proposes too rocks. He steals the scene where he plays naataamai to Sid and Amala's issue. Salut.

The movie is actually an amalgamation of so many love stories that after a while you loose count. Propose panna ponnu 'Anna'nu sonna aparamum route vidra paiyan, friendoda ex'a correct panni commit aagara portion aprum Sid-Amala portions nu egapatta stories irunthaalum the one which stands out is Suresh's story. He plays Amala's dad and his love story forms the best of the lot. There were spontaneous applause for the scene where the dad gives love letter to his wife through his daughter and also on the scene where they imitate the scene from 'Sathya'. Their portions is like a short story in itself. In a cramped schedule of two and half hours, the director tries to tell so many types of love stories and how each one fails and succeeds and fails again only with the hope of succeeding. The movie has a casual undertone right from frame one and in many places where it edges close to being boring the witty dialogues and repartees save it from the precipice. One dialog that stands out is where the hero explains to his friends gal when she decides to break up with his friend. How we spend so much effort and sometimes even a life time to find the one we love and like with all our heart and how easily we break up only to reel in the pain afterwards. It was touching.

Kudos to the director for not deviating from the urban setting. Evlo naalachu intha matiri city based love story paathu...with a decent looking hero and cute looking heroine!!! A very contemporary theme and pretty chic storyline which doesnt deviate into preaching and restricts itself within its limitations.

Gils verdict-  Loved the movie and want to watch it again :)


Anonymous said…
Oh ho! Somebody is under the spell of valentine!!

So much of love philosophy

//How we spend so much effort and sometimes even a life time to find the one we love and like with all our heart and how easily we break up only to reel in the pain afterwards. It was touching.//

Applies not just to love, to most relationships. We appreciate most things, after it's gone.

Such good verdict from you, will try to catch it.
Ramesh said…
Fact 1 - Gils wants to go to the movie again.
Fact 2 - 75% of the audience is girls.

Plizzz to draw your conclusions as to Fact 3
Anonymous said…
wrote 3 comments to this post. all gobbled by blogger or moderated by gils?
RS said…
Raasa, you first reply to our 'conclusive' comments to your previous post.

Kaathalil sithapuvathu eppadiya? Ippo thaana boss aarambicheenga?? Athukkulleye sothappal????
Anonymous said…
i've written 5 comments for this post- Asha
Asha said…
I've been trying to comment on your post from Y'day, looks like blogger gobbled it up.

?//quoted verbatim from all the comments collected from the girls sitting behind our row//

girls pinnadi mattum daan utkardangala. indha 'Our' yaar??!!

75% of the crowd were girls. Mothama collegelenthu vantaanga pola!! Well..who cares :D ) Amala paul comparatively has lesser screen presence.

Somebody is still reeling under valentine fevernnu nanna theiryardu. Somebody does seem to care.

"shubhasya sheegram" edirparkirom
gils said…

:) i luv romcoms with more of comedy ...this movie is right up there


unga conclusionlaam padikka nannnaaa thaan iruku..aanaa matter athuvallavay :)


Our isikoltu colleague..antha paiyan and his friend came almost half hour late for the movie..!!! Subhavo shriyavo seegrama ethirpaarkarathula thappay ila :D

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