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Life pathi polambara post is never quite complete or doesnt quite begin without a thathuva quote on life itself :)
So here goes nothing. Life is never a long winding straight road. Its always filled with crossroads and junctions and even if we want to go straight, there would be diversions or road blocks which would alter our course. At times willingly and many times unwillingly. The route may or may not be the one we would want or like initially. But almost always take you to where you want to go. Might sound like a lost man's riddle. But that's how my life has been all these years. At times, i consciously cut away from my comfort zones and try out something different just for the heck of it. But many a times, a sudden rapid or fall throws me off balance and by the time i steady the ship, the course is altered beyond return. Adapting to such sudden developments being the only hope have almost always been on the look out for incidents like that sound the bugle before. But God only knows what made me choose this option which has thrown my life totally off balance. Again a travel to a new land. Again separation. Again the same old lifestyle. Starting everything from scratch only to run back home after a while. Feels like a never ending relay race with no source nor destination.

"How i met your mother" happens to be a recent favorite sitcom of mine. Much on the ranks of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, i have been following all the seasons i could catch hold off very seriously. One of the characters in it,, Ted Mosby, cries out loud in an episode with a similar polambal in previous para. He wonders why his life had never changed in past 7 years while his friends or either married or became parents or even worse separated and remarried again. And he, tired of being in the same situation all along, decides to dare his life into being different and buys a second hand home. Its in a god forbidden place and in such a dilapidated condition that, he realises his mistake very late after continuously poked fun of, by his friends. Later he realises his folly and kicks himself for acting on a haste. But even then, he sticks on to it and at the end of the episode, the narrator tells that, Ted goes on to make that house his home and he begins his family life from there.

Para 1 polambal and the story from para 2 have nothing in common except that, it talks of two very confused people. One who are not sure of what they want in life and are willing to do anything for a change and yet are afraid of the very concept of changing. Ones who are afraid of falling and are refusing to spread the wings and fly. Their fear might be reasonable but their actions are not justified. How much ever philosophical one can get nothing beats being practical. So, here is the link between the two paras. Between Ted Mosby and my own self. At present, it may not be the best of decisions i've ever made. At present, it might run the risk of even turning out to be the worst ever decision. But i know for sure, somewhere deep down in the heart, a voice has been crying out loud for change and the subconscious mind just acted on it. I hope it turns out well like all my other blind shots in the dark - up trumps. But one thing that i know for sure is that, this time, its going to be a real game changer and who knows, i might even pull a Ted Mosby :) Not sure for how long this charade goes. But till next time..adios buddies.


Ramesh said…
Wishing you much luck and happiness wherever the crossroads take you Gilsu. But seriously - how on earth can you survive without the Friday night show in Devikala ???

All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes. So don't worry about the turns - you'll land up in happy land always.
RS said…
Best wishes for whatever you are venturing into, Gils. Given your good humored nature, I am sure times ahead are going to be awesome!! Be back soon, remember, JOKK is not complete yet!
Aarti said…
:=) i wish i got thrown into these kinda situations.. Kept thinking during our "outside citi center" convo "damn, why dont i get opportunities like this, would lap em up and be gone in a flash with a big grin on my face"... wanna trade places? :)

I think like TeD a lot too... and then i realise i dont push myself over the ledge... and its all cos of ME!
Test King said…
This is really a good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative article.
Suganya Jawahar said…
HIMYM is one of my favourite sitcoms. I totally adore Robin and she jelled herself into the Ted's college gang. Seriously.. after all these episodes I am no more interested in knowing who the mother is, but watch it just for fun.
Asha said…
edho SAT essay padicha madiri irandudu. First an insight, next an example supporting the insight and then tying the example to the prompt in the last para:)

Many of us have faced/face your situation of wanting change and when change comes our way, we find it difficult to adapt.

Whatever happens happens for the best.Enjoy life in the new land and bring us more kadhai/ thatthuvams/mokkais. All the best:)
gils said…
venaaam...aluthuruven :(
Thanks for the wishes thala


JOKK seeekrama mudichiren :D


hmmm...i am not sad that i have to go..jus a bit more of peraasai.. expecting more frm life..athaan praablum :D:D
gils said…
@suganya: too robin shebatsky's theevira fan :D :D aana Ted sounds more close in char. resemblance :) Barney is ishta deivam :)


avvvvvvvvvvvv...SAT exama!!! epdinga ipdilaam pheel panreenga :)) thanksalot :)

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