Saturday, February 25, 2012

Styleu Styleuthaan..

"Ennada hair style ithu...paanaiya kavuthu vitta mathiri..decenta irukka eppo thaan kathukka poriyoo" .
It would've been an otherwise ordinary rant of Mom if not for the source behind it. Some one in temple had commented about my hairstyle (rather the lack of it) to her and that which had convinced her as the main reason behind my single status!!! Athepdi yengenthu yethai link panraanga therila!! End result, i was chased away from home with the warning that unless my hairstyle was at an acceptable level (which god only knows) i wouldnt be allowed inside. My sis too joined the bandwagon and sided with the enemies. She gave me her membership card for one local spa and booked an appointment for me.

The D-day arrived.

When i entered a chinese lady greeted me and gave me a catalogue which resembled the ones given at Pizaa Hut. Naama saloonuku thaan vanthirukoma ila saapdavaa nu lighta doubtoda opened it. I was not much wrong. Atleast on the price columns. Antha bookla irukarathulaye cheapanaathu 'Normal' haircut line item thaan. And that too was 200 bucks (only). Micha price rangelaam was competing with pizzas. Aaniye pudunga venaam saami nu kelambalaamnu paathapo one guy came and asked "Are you Gils?" Naan apdiye Shoooocck aaiten. Aprum thaan terinjuthu my kedi bugger sis had called them and informed about me :( Escape aagara routes elaam block aagida i went with one balikku pora bakra look and sat on one semi circular seat like the ones used in Men in Black movie. Seri vanthaachu.. maatikittachu..atleast ivanga thollailenthu vidupadavaachum thought will get my hair styled. The hair stylist who was assigned to me, first poured some watery gel and tried to comb my hair into submission. After a while he poured more water and a little later some weird paint smelling spray. He repeated the procedure for some ten 15 minutes and in the end he said with a sigh, "Sorry sir. We cannot change your hairstyle unless you grow it like Anniyan Vikram. Ivlo kucchi kucchiyaana oru thalaiya naan engaiyumay pathathilla. Evlo gel poattalum padiyavay maatenguthu". On one hand i was happy that my vanangaa mudi won but remembered that i stood the risk of being homeless. I consoled that person to try his best. He said my hair needs some time to dry as he had spent the entire month's quota of gel on it and went to attend other customers.

Right at that time, one family ala Vikraman padathula vara gumbal, raided the saloon. Seems their kid was getting his first hair cut and everyone wanted to be a part of that event!! Pasangallaam paavamnu prove panna itha vida oru example venuma!! That kid was as happy as a goat before Bakrid. He was wailing and raving and ranting and for such a tiny creature it took three grownup men to tie him down to a chair. Saluting his attempt to retain his hairstyle, i was feeling ashamed for giving it up so easily :( Finally, with the safety of 8 pair of hands holding the kid, the stylist started his work. Ucchakatta kodumai was the comment from the family. "Azhakoodathupaa..paaru..pakkathu seat uncle evlo chamatha ukkaanthirukaarunu..unna paathu sirikka poraaru". One nimit..enna kindal panraangala ila antha pullaya console panrangala theriaama looked into the mirror. Kindal thaan panraangannu confirm aaidichi :( My villain, who had left me to dry, came at that moment. I wanted to fight like my martyr friend. But semma pasi and veetla sooper lunch menu. So decided to tag along.

In the end, after spending 6 times more than what it normally takes, i came back home with exactly the same haircut. Best part was, no one noticed the difference or the similarity. Only then i realised, its not the way you get it done but the place that matters.


Ramesh said...

Photo of Gils at the Spa and Gils with the new 6 times more expensive haircut look required.

New look Gils might achieve considerable success in the matter that is being revealed bit by bit in the "Jillinu oru kaathal kathai" series. Looking forward to Post No 8.

RS said...

Amen, Ramesh!!

Asha said...

Attagasamana typical Gils post, Idha romba naala 'Variety...'la edirparthen.

LOL when the kutti paiyan's family commented on you. Semma jollya irundhudu when I visualized.

Ok seekrama pudu haircutoda koil ponga and get your D-day fixed.

MAY holidaysla, oru kalyana saapadu nichyama kidakkum.

( Please change the word verificaton font for your comment form, romba kashtama irukku decipher panna, i don't know if others are facing)

Aarti said...

I shall tell you my verdict when i see you tomorrow :D

hehehe... ungala "uncle" kooptadhu thappa padala, aana azhaama utkarndirukaru sonnathu thaan kathula vizhunthuthu.... hehehe

gils said...

mudivay paniteengala..athu en kathai thaannu :) i use real life incidents to make the story convincing..aana ella incidentsum en lifela varathu kedayathu :)) apdilaam life iruntha naan en ivlo post potukitu iruka poren :D:D

uhumm...onnum solrathukilla :D

gils said...

hehehe...intha mathiri kodumais nadanthu konja naalachu athaan :D kovilenthu thaan intha hair cut ideavoda crux aarambichathay..anga etho oru maami sollivakka thaan intha imsai..word verificaitonukelam font maathalama?? wl remove it

gils said...

y this kolaveri again :)