Monday, June 27, 2011

180 - movie review

Producer(Prod) of topnotch movie company to his assistant: "Hey..i want to make a movie. Get me a guy who can handle the camera decently"

Assistant(Ass): "Yes sir". Soon the director is identified.

Prod: "Hey many days your previous movie ran"

Director(Dire):"huh..i am an adman"

Prod (rolls his eyes):" many days your ad ran then"

Dire(looks confused):"Well..almost all long as they sponsor some program in tv"

Prod:"Wow..YOU ARE THE MAN. I want you to make a movie"

Dire(Couldnt believe his ears):" you. So what kind of.."
Prod interrupts the Dire midway: "I am not done yet. See the budget for the movie is 10 crores ok. Now THAT is going to be the USP of the movie. I want two heroines. Get one who looks bit like Trisha and Neha Dupia favs..and get one mallu looking heroine..wife is mallu u see. I want some part of the movie to be based abroad and some locally set..that way we can reduce cost you see. Get a new music director and include songs which would keep people guessing which language its been sung"

Before Prod could go any further phone rings.

" middle of movie discussion..yeah..what? Siddharth..that gayyy..rrrt looking i meant...2 heroines..but..okay okay...sid it wud be" Prod looks at Dire and Ass and bellows.."So you guys heard me right. I want Sidharth as hero for the movie. hmm..where were in the discussion?" and looks pointedly at Ass. Dire looking Ass looks at Dire to rescue both their asses.

"We were deciding on the language for the songs"

"Brilliant. Okay. Costumes should all be the latest brands. Every single scene..every single character should be well it a street urchin or the lead character. And art work should be topnotch needless to say. People should be confused whether the characters are living in an apartment or mall. Wardrobes should've more clothes and retail outlets and every bit of furniture should be state of the art. With me so far?"

Dire (wondering whether he will be with the industry after making such a movie):" ellam ok sir. Story????"
"Oh..athuva..Add some romance..emotions..some twists and turns here and there. Guess that much is enough"

And so was the movie "180" made (i hope atleast this much logic was involved in the making)!!

Doctor Hero gets cancer and off he shoots to India to play with kids delivering morning newspapers in Tnagar. Americala cancer vantha Indiala newspaper podra pasangaloda velaadnumngara unamaiya sonnathukaga special kudos to the director. Hero hallucinates dark,bald headed black guy..directorial touch..american YEMADHARMARAJA minus the erumai ofcourse. Why no erumai? Enna..antha oorulalaam roadla maadu not allowed. Logic in story you see. First half heroine suffers head on collision with moffusil bus. She comes out without a scratch in the end. Second half heroine is introduced in an head on collision accident. And yeah you guessed right. No scratch on her too. Doctor hero is diagnosed with cancer..with no tell tale black marks under eyes or blood vomits. Baas...naangallaam evlo kaalama cinemala cancer disease pathi paathavanga. Engaltayevaa. Hero runs to India to escape blackie yeman. But why abroad? Enna..American Yeman has no passport. So hallucination doesnt follow him to India. Indialenthu hero goes back to US for first half heroines treatment..and presto Yeman appears. Logic you see. Hats off to screenplay. Thirumbavum hero wants to escape some faarin kantree..and decides on Brazil. Croocial part. Intha mathiri triplaam epdi decide panraaru hero? He will show two fingers (sathiyamaanga)..athula onna thodanum. Atha vachu he will decide. Itha vida logicaana route irka mudiyuma sollunga paapom? Now to the movie title. Why 180? First half ezhutharthuku oru ninety cutting. second halfku oru 90. Motham 180. Ada..Hero saagarathu aaru maasamnu doctor time kurichathukaga 180 daysnu title irukara logicku ithu thevalanu thonichi athaan.
Padam poora oru extended ad paakara mathirye pheeling. Vuvuzela song picturisation gummu. Only plus point about the movie were the two heroines..hehehe. Yeah yeah..gals will like the movie for Sid. And i had fun time watching it with 2 of my blogmates.

Review: 180 - 120 rupees waste. Wait to watch it in Vijay TV.

P.S: Thala..romba naaaaaaal kazhichi oru movie review. Mannichikunga. Cudnt resist it :)


Aarti said...

hahaha.. good one Gils :D

but we did have a whole bunch of laughs cracking up... we could have made a better movie.... :D

today noticed that one of the heroinees name is Nithya Men"e"n... :d

Venkat.. said...

//naangallaam evlo kaalama cinemala cancer disease pathi paathavanga. Engaltayevaa//

Athu enga cancer vantha correcta aaru maasam fix paneeranga?????

tamil film making-goda motha ragasiyathayum ipidi ore post-lava odaikirathu. how the industry will survive??? :P

Ratzzz said...

hahaha.. it was a total fun..

we wr the only ppl laughing thru the sad scenes... :D

apparently a friend was in the same show, same screen as us that day.. he was crying on waste of money :D

Ramesh said...

He He. Ippadi superb review pannina, I am intrigued to ask you to take me to a similar movie :)

Asha said...

Autograph please.....Amam pinne padothoda review creative irukkay:)

Edhavudu maniratnamo alladu sankaro idha padicchu ungla script ezhada koopittu....andha film script writingkku award vangi.... apprum neenga perisa filmfare award ellam vangi.. apprum engla yaarunay theriyadunnu sollitta....adhukku dhaan ippovay autograph please....

padam nalla illaya? i liked the dialogue on the teaser shown in tv..
"nethi pathi yojanayum illa, nalai patthi kavalaiyum ......."

Paravaillai chinna comment dhaan ezhudirukken.

gils said...

the best part of the movie was watching it with u folks :) nice time it was :)

:) athennanu therileenga..ivanga calendarla mattum consecutivea 30 days vara months 6 iruku!!! gregorian..mayan mathiri thani typea irukum pola

gils said...

guess had i seen it alone..wud've cursd it a lot more :D it was fun watching it wth u folks :)

kandippa..v r going 4 sure :D

gils said...

enga enga en? en? en intha kolaveri..
"nethi pathiya yosanai illa..nalai pathi bayam ila..." dialogue solra mathiri "kathaiya pathina kavalai ila.audience pathina yosnaiye ila" nu than sollanum :)

Thamizhmaangani said...

//Siddharth..that gayyy//

did you just say that he's a gay??? HOW DARE U!!!????

*throws sand at you*

RamMmm said...

Oru thalaikku at least 180 roobaai (engoorla multiplex ticket minimum 200 roobaai weekendla) save pannina kadhaasiriyar Gilsukku nanri nanri nanri.

'gayyy...rrrt' looking guy. :-D :-D enna oru kuththu?

gils said...





Network Solution said...

ragasiyaman visayatha ippadiya solrathu

Ravi said...

Iddu serious review va.. nice one..

Chennai enda Auto la meter podrangee... Adman needs to do his homework....

Vazlvee Mayam...

Suganya said...

Aanalum naan konjam adhigamavey edhirpathutein polirukku.. padam mokka thaangala. Idhellam andha Siddharth oda interview patha effect. Payyan romba nyayama pesina madhiri irundhichi.. Adhaan nambi padatha paathein..vidhi yaarai vittudhu !!

Aanalum neenga Siddhu va Gay sollalama?? sollunga gils sollunga..

gils said...

heheh...inga eria sid fans irukaanga pola :) usaara irukanum :)

Deepa said...

:D:D:D Gilsu! Soooppper!!