Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Belated Bday wishes thala :)

This blog, though carries the title "Variety is the spice" doesnt fully do justice to the saying. And there is this blog, which is fast becoming the bible for dummies like me, for whom the very B in business sounds boring. The success of this blogger lies in the effortless ease with which he mixes the crux of the topic with subtle earthy humour, in a language which even laymen can pickup. And you dare not straitjacket it as a business theme blog alone. This man gives every decent sports commentator a run for their hard earned money. Right from gilly to golf there is not a sport he doesnt follow. What shines over his genius is his humility. Politeness never looked so good and so true.

Happy bday thala. Hoping to see more and more and more and more posts from you.

Here is a little tribute, if at all it qualifies as one, to the ultimate blogger adored by one and all.

I have never ever turned the business columns in newspapers. NEVER, EVER. To me, business meant B.O.R.I.N.G. Then one day, I read this post:
And was tempted to comment. So, I gave in to the itchy fingers. Indulging that temptation was good. For, I got to read this blog regularly. Never once did it occur to me that it is a business blog. The writer held my attention to the fullest and helped a dumber like I to get a glimpse of the business world. This is one man who can dilute business with humanity and humour, yet holding on the core value of business, and delivering it a whole spectrum of readers. I was so taken by the posts in this blog that I read all the missed posts on one holiday season, starting from his first post and listened to every one of them with keen attention. Not even in my rarest of my dreams would I have believed even if someone told me that I would spend a whole day reading business.

His kindness shines through every comment he posts on every one of our blogs. Even disagreements are done with all due respect. The encouragement that I get through his comments is exemplary of kindness. Whatever crap I write is regarded as a ‘poem’ and the emotionally driven senti posts are regarded as ‘warm writing’. Could it get any politer? To add to all these, when I went hibernating, he mailed me and prodded me to get back.

So, when I went to meet him on 7th Feb 2010, I went there in all due respect that one would have for her teacher. But, this gentleman in blue shirt and black pants with a business case completely broke that image and was at his warmest best as well. Much glad that I got to know business through you, Ramesh! Much glad that in this big and what I regard as an unfair business world, I got to know you and got a whole new perspective of businessmen. I wish and pray much power to your writing, best of health and a long writing career… Happy Birthday!! On this birthday, I promise not to pass any tags to you (Remember the first tag I passed on and how you did that? LOL!!)
~ Dr.Athivasi

Humble, unassuming, principal with unparalleled leadership skills, soft demeanor and much more, all power packed into a package of a tall, lean, unpretentious man – to somebody I admire ardently, many more happy returns of the day! Wish you a wonderful ay and year ahead Ramesh! ~ Durga Narasimhan

Re-read worthy posts of yours on events, varied
Analysis sharp and incisive, 'The Economist' shall agree
Maestro of subjects, far and wide
Express appreciation you do, hallmark of a true guide
Smiles you make us break into, with your Sunday post
Humble you are, worthy of accolades and toast

Wishing you Ramesh, as you tick-tock over one year and enter another. ~a rhyme from Rammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Simple. Down to earth. Unassuming. Humble and a person who has a quiet charm about him. That is Ramesh for you in a nutshell. A chance meeting in the virtual world, a couple of years back, has blossomed into friendship which I have come to cherish. Many more happy returns of the day, and may you be blessed with all things nice life has to offer. ~ Chotu's mom :)

Dear Thiru, Wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Thanks for a lovely blog, which has now become a hangout of sorts. Don't wanna turn this into a 'lifetime achievement award' speech because I know firstly you are not that old, and secondly I am looking forward for more to come. ~ From a true Admirer aka Deepa Kadam :)

Biz Boss
Happy Birthday to you.
Wish all your wishes would come true.
As well as looking forward to a book from your end before your next birthday :)~ zeno


G3 said...

Modhal poongoththu ennodadhu :)))

Happy B'day Ramesh :)))

G3 said...

//On this birthday, I promise not to pass any tags to you (Remember the first tag I passed on and how you did that? LOL!!)
~ Dr.Athivasi//

Adangokkamakka, Naanum avlo neram idhellam neenga dhaan soldreengannu nenachittae padichittu vandhen... Eppo da blog meeting pottu namma kitta sollama vittarnu vera thinking.. :(((( Kadaisila pera paathadhum sema bulbu :(((((((

G3 said...

:))) Avar evlo simplea ezhudhinalum, uruppadiyaana postukkum enakkum pala jenma padgai iruppadhaal, Gilsa pathi post pottaal mattumae poi gummittu varum amaidhiyaana vaasagi naan (Silent readernu solla vandhenpa :P) enbadhai ingu thaazhmaiyudan koorikkolgiren :D

Gils, Unga thalaikku innoru tribute neenga kuddukka vendiyadhu baaki irukkaakkum....

Vera onnum illa adhu.. next wk ungala meet pandrappo unga thalaiyoda porandhanaal treat kudukkaradhu dhaan.. Accord metropolitan restaurant @ GN Chetty road is ok for me :)))))

Anonymous said...

Here are a few words for my dear friend.

In my early blogging days, I happened upon Business Musings. Oh, its all business and everyone knows business is all about money and no soul. Yet, I decided to give it a shot. I read the post, then the next one, and then another, and then oMG, yet another! I was hooked! For one, Ramesh's English was impeccable and his posts were so thoughtfully written. How beautifully he explained the workings of corporates - he showed us where the heart and soul of every business lie. His homages to legendary business leaders were so poignant. He knew the big top shots as well as the lesser known ones and when he wrote about them, he made them sound like they were old friends. His passion for business had a huge influence on me to learn more about it. Business section in the newspaper became part of my regular reading. (It is incredible considering how put off I was by it before Ramesh). From his comments on my blog and other blogger pages, we realised he has a delightful way with words and wit. We nagged him into showcasing this talent of his and thus came about the wicked Sundays. With his Mad Hat placed firmly on his head, Ramesh wrote rollicking tales of his adventures. How we laughed! Oh boy! :-)

Times have flown. I am not in the blogosphere anymore but I will always remember Ramesh with a fond heart. Happy Birthday to you Ramesh, and here's wishing you many
many more!

Cheers, TFT

Ramesh said...

OMG OMG OMG. I am completely blown away, bowled over, humbled, deeply touched, totally gobsmacked. Thank you all for the incredible kindness - I cannot believe how kind you have been.

Its been entirely my privilege to have gotten to know you guys and gals. A friendship that's my treasure and which I have been extremely fortunate to have got.

Thank you Gils - I really owe you much for doing this.

Venkat.. said...

AAhaa, Wishes to Ramesh, let me also join the club. guys all you here know how i started with his blog. slowly realized his powerful thoughts & passion behind writing, some transformation happened by reading his blog, care & love he gives is incredible, his kindness interested me to know about this blogworld and some of u here. influenceable soul with compassion & master mind. long live his contribution.

Asha said...

Indha competitive kalathula ippiduyum oru ala!

Appreciations to you first gils, for acknowledging and paying a tribute that too...touching tribute to your hero.

Hopping over to your thala's blog.

Vishal said...

That was lovely Gils... have known u through his blog and what a fantastic person, he makes. Doesn't he? It is a privilege being part of this blogging community. Long live Ramesh! You are truly wonderful.