Friday, April 23, 2010


* Does any of u have recurring dreams? chinna vayasula.. my sleeps were haunted with one recurring dream, nightmare rather. That the entire world is going down under sea with waves thrashing around everywhere and i am the lone survivor. And cinema effect mathiri naan irukara edathula mattum konjama light and suthi vara oray irutu and dark sky and bluish green ocean in all its fury. Type panrapovay lighta bayama iruku :) and it suddenly stopped occuring. Didnt even realise when it stopped. Offlate that same dream is a bit different scenario. Every single living thing in this planet is wiped off. I am the lone survivor!!! kita thatta "I am Legend" Will Smith mathiri naan yarachum kannula thenpada maataangalaanu suthitruken. All shops..malls..roads...ella edathulayum thedren. Not a soul in sight. I try to guess the meaning behind these dreams. Maybe insecurea feel panrapolaam ipdi thonutho?? Me being a lonely soul, outlasting all my near and dear ones, has occured to me as a dream in multiple versions. Artham thaan purila :) Another recurring one is that..i am falling...falling..falling...and the "THUD"ding drop never happens. I just keep falling somewhere into one bottomless place. Any dream decipherers around? :D

* Ipolaam news channels pakkam porathay illa. Entha news pathalum 2012 movie resemblance thaan jaasthia iruku!!! Chile, China, Haiti earthquakes which literally moved the earth a few degrees...Vanishing island in Bay of Bengal...Iceland volcano halting air spreading paranoia at its best. While discussing something on similar vein with friends..everyone said they wud be happy if the world is ending on 2012. Avlo kadan vaangi vachirukaangalam :)

* Eyjafjallajokull...ipdi oru pera vacha..local aasamiye kumuriduvan. Erimalai vedikatha!! vendaa verupa pulla pethu kaanda mirugamnu pera vacha kathaiyaaalla iruku!! Athaan erimalainu teriuthula..aprum ethukkuyya ipdilaam pera vachu atha seendi udraanga. Patha vachitiye paratta kanakka, pakkathu erimalaiyum ipo naanum aatathuku varennu kumurikituu kedakkaam. haiiooo...haiooo.

* "Last Testament" nu oru book padichen. Ubayam G3. Based on Israel Palestine peace talks and how a clay tablet inscription dating 1000 years back change the course of the talks and creates history ngarathu thaan story. Except for the climax and how the heroine finds the tablet..micha sequencelaam semma logical and very believable. Kandipa give it a try. Nallaruku. James Rollinsoda theevira fan aaiten naan. Read his "Black Order". Chaancela. Typical masala entertainer. A machine which reverses evolution- created by nazis which falls on wrong hands and how its destroyed..semma racy thriller. No logic. Just sheer pace and thrill. Now i am on to "Subterranean". Antarticala..underground cave sort of dwelling..with signs of human settlements..a million years older than the oldest ever evidence of human existence on earth. Premise sounds very interesting. Padichitu solren epdirukunu :)

* "Hello've won 3 lucky rizes in our lucky draw" itha keta udanaye ushaar aidichi. Kandippa etho dubaakoor vela nu. For the record..i never win in any lucky draw, even if its only my name in the lot :D :D somehow it never happens. Apdirukarachay when i got a call saying i've won 3 prizes on an event i didnt even participate..i was very sure that it was at best a bogus one. Upon enquiring got to know that..this is the latest style in marketing. They call you to their premises..under the premise of giving gifts..which you will be eligible to collect if you buy some other products. Or you've to pay some service charge of JUST 1000 rs in case if the gifts (which ranges from Sarojadevi use panna Soap dabba are home delievered to you.


Ramesh said...

Aha - Gils' versatility in evidence. Was expecting another movie review and he does multiple book reviews. Something is happening to Gils !!

Talking of names, a land that produces Tamizhkudimagan or Nedunchezhiyan should have no quarrels with Eyjafjallajokull.

And which news channels are you watching ?? I thought news is only about IPL, Sania Mirza's wedding, Preity Zinta and the like ....

ambulisamma said...

Yes one here.
I always have a variety of dreams,something lovely,scary,confused,fictious and terrifying.And quiet a few of my dreams have come true,so when ever i get a night mare i always feel very scary.
Before tsunami i had a dream of walking in Chennai road where it was all flooded and with dead bodies floating all around.
And the most reoccurring dream is me travelling by chennai MRTS,sometimes without ticket or pass expired or sometimes with ticket,or i will be in some station waiting for train.

RS said...

Abba, baas, Kanavu paarthitu paathi naal alari adichi have woken up. Thirumba kannu moodrathukey bayamma irukum, avlo terror dreams. Some of them, recurrent, too. Aana, unga dreams paatha neenga paakra movieyoda effect, neenga padikra books oda effect ellam theriyuthu baas.

Will try to pick up Last testament.

Coming to the last snippet, abba, we have an experience with that....3hrs kaaamedi piece-a irundhom oru naal, in 2007. innikum atha pathi pesi bayangrama sirichipom! :D

MisterXWebz said...

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Sandhya Sriram said...

hey gils, very very nice one. you are a real genius

I am happy that before the world ends, i am getting to read great piece of writing like you..

sir oru feedback, koncham - anda word verification remove pannidungo from your comment block :-)

kanagu said...

dreams ah decipher panna ellam enaku sathiyama theriyathu...

naan news channel paathu masa kanakku aachu... only newspaper...

/*Eyjafjallajokull...ipdi oru pera vacha..local aasamiye kumuriduvan. Erimalai vedikatha!! */

ROFL... :) :)

/*"Last Testament" */

book ah epdiyo unga kita irundhu aataya potachu :D :D

RamMmm said...

Gils, Freud-oda "Interpretation of Dreams" padiyunga. :-) poondhu vilayaaduvaar. Or read Carl Jung. I too had the falling down into a bottomless pit dreams a long time back. Only that a lot of times, thud happened and I woke up. :) ippovellaam rarely dream (or it is all deep sleep dreams), only thalai vali. :-(

Eyjafjallajokulloda pronunciation paaththeengala (or kaetteengala). Different from the written word.

Book padikkaradhellam almost crawled to a stop. :-(

kaipulla kanakka irundha gilsu eppolaendhu free giftukkellam yemaarama irundheenga. :-) :-) eppudiyellam yaemaaththuraangayyaa. ayyo ayyo. :)

Annam said...

enakennamo periya aabathula irunthu nee thapichutanu thonuthu antha kanava paartha:)

chennaigirl said...

Enna porutha varaikkum horror dream na athu snakes vanthaathaan. Somehow i dread them to the core. Sometimes antha kanavu vanthapparam, naan kaala neetti padukkave maatten. I would also scream sometimes - it would be like someone throwing them at me - and thank god, not even once P got disturbed by that muffled scream - only aathukarar would be cursing silently.:)
Name of the volcano first twitter la paarthavodane, i thought someone was playing a joke by rearranging the letters ;)