Review time again :)

Another weekend..another movie :) my "Moviethon" extends its unbeaten streak to 5 (or is it 6??) now :) But this time..more than the movie..the movie watching experience was the engine behind this post.
"Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief" tickets were booked in Devi Kala theater. Last time KCK movie Devi Paradisela paathu antha theater mela konjam nalla impression irunthichi. So dint bother much to enquire about the theater and went. Athulenthu kodumai begins.

* 12.30 showku..kozhandhaiya 11.30kay vara vachu..koluthara veyilla (kannuku kulirchiya neria nadanthathu vera matter) one hour nikka utta kodumaikaara g3 ku kandanam.

* Theater ullara pona etho conference room mathiri irunthichi!! Enga opice meeting room would be slightly bigger than the theater!!

* Screen atha vida kodumai. Peria size LCD tv mathiri irunthichi :(

* Top AC. Pazhaiya kalyana mandapam mathiri neria fan..which were not running.

* Ultimate kodumai..power cuts. We almost decided to leave and came out to decide where to go next. Appovay kelambirukanum..seri..ticket vaangi tholachathuku poi paakalamnu came back. Bad decision. Didnt even realise when interval came for there were so many unplanned intervals for the movie!! Seri ithana kodumaisku naduvay padam paathamo..padamachum nalalrunthicha...marana kadi. It doesnt deserve to be screened at all.

Topper kodumai of all is college mate was coerced to come to the movie..for we had a spare ticket. Pulla paavam..adichi pudichi came to see the movie and underwent all the above mentioned kodumais along with us. Kadisila he told.."Enna padamnay kekaama vanthathu mega thappu. Inniki morning thaan intha padam DVD vaanginen"

Other Movies which didnt even worth a review :

Alice in wonderland : Mokkai (egappatta expectations..sothapified)
Theeratha vilayaatu pillai: Mokkaier
Goa: Mokkaiest
Naanayam: Pretty decent attempt. Could've been better. Lot of loopholes.


Ramesh said…
Serves gils right. Devikalakku pohama blog post ezuthunga thalaivare !

Antha kalathulla ipaddithan cinema pathanga. Intha kalathu pasanga romba ...... - AC venuman, big screen venuman , kannukku kulirchiya kaatchi venuman ...... che che
hehehe.. g3 vazhga! g3 valarga! g3yin pugazh onguga!!
G3 was right,11:30 nu sonna thaan neenga atleast 12 ku varuvel nu thaan she did that..
i really feel so sorry for G3 and ur college friend for having gone thru the pain.. poor guys!!
mgnithi said…
Naanum recenta paartha movies ellam konjam mokkai..

Clash of Titans
mgnithi said…
G3kku ivalo thiramaya..
TheUncanny said…

Gils, movie review enga???
ambulisamma said…
Movie revie.nnu pottuttu movie pathi oru varthhai solli close panniteenga,orey theater review.vaa irukku...
G3 koncha naala maraindhu vazharaaanga,aana indha madhiri oru nalla kaariyam panni irukkaanga.

And padam parkka vandha unga friend,unga enemy aagitara?
chennaigirl said…
Last para movies ellam online viewing in laptop ist? Full utilisation of laptopnnu sollunga :)
Annam said…
gud review thakali;)

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