Monday, November 02, 2009

Discover Your Palace - part 2

Mind awakening

Sleep eluded me that night, I couldn’t inform my parents either as it was their wedding anniversary and I didn’t want to spoil the mood on this day.
I remembered a Sardarji joke

Sardar 1 : Hey today is my parents wedding anniversary
Sardar 2: Hi Great – that’s fantastic, BTW is it your mother’s or father’s wedding day ?
Sardar 1 :- hmmmmmm – I think is both
Sardar 2 – Wowwwww!! What a coincidence yaar !!!!

Though I was laughing thinking about the joke, my sober mood was still on. More than the loss of job, the inability to meet Sindhu made me worry more. I was in the balcony after my dinner. The moon was shining like a snow ball on a blue blanket, stunningly bright as full moon was nearing, the clock struck 12 in the midnight.

It was then He asked me "what if God comes to you and gives you the liberty to ask for 3 boons".

"First of all I don’t believe in God secondly I am in not in a good mood for the game" I replied.

"BTW why always 3 why not 2, 1 or any number" I asked.

He started explaining me –
"Well, 3 is a great number- it has a great significance, our human cycle has 3 stages (Birth, life, and death) , the composure of a being is also 3 (Mind, body and soul), The vast span of time is split into 3 again – Past, Present and Future . Even in video games (3 life) ; in real life also we get 3 chances before we get sink in the well . May be 3 signifies the universe – creator, protector and destroyer Three denotes divine perfection..Ok coming back to the game, Are you sure you don’t want to play?" He asked

I love playing this game of writing in a small piece of paper and visiting it after 1 week, a month or so, since childhood. Though I was in no mood, the question was so gripping as it slowly sunk in to me, I always have the habit of visualizing the scenes (characteristic of a writer), it was really thrilling to imagine the so called GOD appearing before me and fulfilling my 3 boons, I agreed for to make it increasingly interesting.

"That’s the spirit Amit!! , I let you write it and we shall visit it after 7 years" he said.
"7 years!!!!" I exclaimed.
"Yes 7 years, lets play it now come on, you can continue admiring the moon after that"
I started writing them in the paper

1.) I want to be a great business man

2.) I want my grandmother back...

"Wait Amit, be sincere to your thoughts, I forgot to tell you the guidelines, the boon should obey the nature’s law"
"What do you mean by nature law?" I asked.
"Simple, you cannot ask for your dead Grand ma"
"Fine".. I revisited my second boon

2.) I want to become a great story writer

"Great..excellent" he acknowledged.

3.) And the third one “to serve the entire universe “

He giggled and said "I am sure God will immediately give you the 3rd one, for this would reduce his load. Well thanks for writing it, please keep it in the safety locker, you are allowed to visit it once in 3 months or 6 months, but you have to keep it back and we will start evaluating only after 7 years" he ordered.

I packed myself to Chennai and met my old friends to have some good time in the challenging phase of my life. With no job I was getting enough time to do whatever I want and do whomever I want to meet. But after a few days, I felt bored; I called up one of my friend who stays near to our OM prof - Vaishali. He invited to his house and so after a good meal at his place, we went out for a stroll, I enquired about the OM lecturer and he just pointed his finger to a house and said that’s her house
I was thrilled as I never knew that he stays so close by, without even listening what he wanted to say next, I opened the gate and knocked the door. The maid opened the door
"I want to meet Vaishali Madam" I said.
I was asked to sit in the sofa and after few minutes she came and I think she was the only person who grows younger by age, nobody would believe her age would be late 40s. She was looking at least 15 years younger and I was curious to know the secret.
I was so delighted when she asked " Hi Amit, how are you?" she still remembered my name after 2 years. She looked at my friend and said "Hi Nikhil", as they stay close by looks seemed like they meet often.

I spent enough time at her place, it was then I knew about her more and her family, her son works in U.S and her husband was into business and most of the time not around . She also runs a home for the orphans comprising 30 students and still growing. She is very active in the Orphanage even more than her actual work in college, Infact she has already applied for voluntary retirement to spend more time in the Orphan home as she wants to teach and look after these children. The Orphanage has been registered in the Limca world of records for an art done by the children which is as big as the school, the whole work was done by 30 children in 6 hours. I think they had done it to raise the funds.

A very positive person, talking to her boosted my energy levels. she enquired about me and understood my situation in few minutes and told me one small proverb which shook me up; It was not what she said but the positive energy - "if One door closes, the other opens"

After 5 years..

Everybody was tense, My in-laws, my family, friends all are in Wockhart hospital Bangalore, I was walking up and down and had I done that on the road probably I would have reached Mysore.

The Doctor called me and all of them rushed and stood beside me, "She is fine pushing harder, in another 1 hour the baby should be out", she said.

Doctors did not allow me to get in, that’s strange for people in U.S, in India most hospitals are work this way. I kept on drinking water, in another just 45 minutes, the nurse came out with a baby, I saw the baby, nurse reiterated that it’s a girl and I touched the pink puny finger of her. For the first time, I felt that I am part of a great production, nothing is greater than life. I was crying, sweating & smiling. I enquired about my wife; nurse confirmed she is safe too. The nurse took the baby back and I took my mobile & called my parents, relatives, friends and whomever I know I had to share the wonderful news.

Days passed by with my daughter Nisha, she completed 2 years, and I always dreamt about her in the office, I used to call many times from office and talk to her and try to understand whatever she wanted to say. Whenever I returned home, both of us felt very happy as if we are meeting after long time. In simple words, my daughter was my world.

One day, as I was rushing back home after a pretended hectic day at office, my wife opened the door "you cheated me" she screamed as I entered the house.

"what??I cheated you??"
"Yes", she replied.
She was not kidding, I could see that her eyes were red and she had been crying at least for a good 30 minutes….
I made her sit on the sofa and tried to calm her down "what’s the problem" I slowly asked her,

"Sheetal" she said….. I asked her who is Sheetal and what that name has to do with cheating her?

Our landline phone rang, luckily it was my mother-in-law, I was sure the telephonic conversation was going to last for at least 30 minutes as usually my mother-in-law speaks about everything that has happened since that morning.

I took this opportunity to roll back my thoughts, I started scanning all my girl friends since my childhood, but every time I scanned my thoughts with "Sheetal" as the name I got the same result "no records found"

I widened my thoughts few years behind in a detailed manner to catch up with all little stuff that had happened to see if I could get any clues but the only name that kept coming back was Sindhu.

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Sudden turn of events....
Good flow!
Lively story!
The explanation on significance of 3-super!

Swaram said...

Suspense again! Next part plsssssss :P

RamMmm said...

Pretty good movement and twists in the story. Time passed by a tad fast in the middle, but hey ,that is how life is.

// pretended hectic day at office,

Damn good aphorism. :-)

soin said...

aapisar ithukum oru naal leave pottu padikanum..rendavathum yezthunga..serthu

R-ambam said...

hmm.. makes me wanna

Karthik said...

7G Dialog:

Ivanukkule ennammo irundurukku paaren

Bheema Dialog:

yaaru saamee ivan?? Edoda micham??

Rombha petera irukku Serial actor.. Irundaalum interestinga irukku!!