Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Movie Watch--WMW

Yesterday saw Vantage point. Chanceeeela...awesome movie. Ten minutes into the movie, you will know this is different. Probably we've a oscar winner, for interesting screenplay, in our midst. Oru plot. 7 views. Namma ManiRatnam Kamalhasan use panna technique thaan. For those who remember this technique was actually a lift from one age old Sivaji movie (Andha Naal-Now that what i call a classic). But unlike the Mani n Kamal movies where they had izhuthufied it into different plots, this one has just one plot. Oru assasination attempt plus bomb blast. The same scene comes for 6 or 7 times inthe movie. I think the director would've used some dozen teams each with a dozen cameras of their own and edited them wonderfully into one tight piece. Dennis Quaid(?) reminds a lot of Harrison Ford in many scenes minus the smirky grin. Kathai ennamo oneline thaan. Actual scenesnu paatha montha oru 7 8 scene thaan. But the way in which ithas been shot and told is amazing. Tamizhla dub panna Antha 23 minsnu title poduvanga nenakren. U.S president gets assasinated in a public meeting and the site itself gets bombed. Intha situation, seen from the eyes of 7 people and how each of their views leads to the killers inthe end ithaan kathai. Must watch movie for thriller lovers. Check it out. Wish they make novels out of movies like these. That would make it even more interesting.


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