Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gils @ Catch 22

Situation one:

A place where everyone knows you...your promotions are pending to be released anytime..where you are anoinented SME...where you know what issues are going to creep up even before they actually occur...where everyone from security to head of dept knows you by your name...where you have rooted 5 years of your time.

Situation two:

A place so far off from civilisation that travelling to and fro makes timetravel look like school picnic...where the workpressure just tips below boiling point...where the word HIKE is taboo...where you dont know anyone and viceversa and to top it all you dont know the subject where you are going to dwell-in.

Which one would you choose to be? What do you call a person who chooses situation 2 over one...For time being we can call that person as Gils.
Yes. After much delibration i decided to move to a new domain in my current company itself. At a practical note it sounds the easiest of decisions, as career wise it offers a nice jumpstart for me outside my current org. But the kind of feedback i've been receiving about the new work environment isnt exactly exciting and considering the hordes who are quitting left right and center after moving there...well..doesnt exactly sound a promising one. Considering that in my current role i am much at comfort with the world, dictating my own term and pace and bossing over everything i purvey it does sounds a bit odd to myself as to why i want to cut the net and trapeze every now and then. I convince myself saying that potted plant may get all the care and attention but that doesnt make a giant tree. But i guess its always been the case. We always go looking for comfort and once we are too used to it after a while it becomes boring. New findings..if not for things which are new guess the world would stop spinning. Sounds good while i type out these things..let me see how much they hold up practically.

Me back to book reading after a mini break wherein i had vowed never to touch a novel till i am done with my assignments. I happened to feast on the much hyped-over-plagiarism controvery book by Kavya Vishvanathan "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got wild and Got a life"...dont get carried away by the title. Its a million miles away from porn ;) I actually didnt had high hopes on that book which everyone had trashed to their best. Surprisingly it was an amazingly interesting read and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the schemes which the parents of Opal come up with to improvise her social life. Really cool stuff. Those who donot have an active social life and especially at the cost of their academic life will very easily identify with that book. Though the author talks about chennai and dosa and idli at the beginning of the book..somewhere inthe middle the southnidian snacks make way for the parathas and get "converted" into Northies. Wonder if she just replaced the name of the characters also that way to give it a gujju feel!!! Anyways..Check it out. You will surely like it. Its got a charming feel.

The next book i wanted to recommend would be Chetan Baghat's 5 point someone. I'vent completed it fully. Just halfway into it i totally relish it and have already fallen in luv with the Neha character. Offlate for some reason whatever lady character i imagine for my stories, they always endup looking like Deepika padukone. Maybe i should stop gawking at her pic on my desktop wallpaper atleast once a day :)

so long folks...catch you at the other end of the week.


dubukudisciple said...

ammam enna solla vare nee ippa???

dubukudisciple said...

entha environmentuku ponalam nee velai seiya porathu illa.. adu nala varutha padathe.. resign panrathu ellam velai seiravanga rasa...

dubukudisciple said...

aiya naan thaan phastu

dubukudisciple said...

unaku lovea?? Gilsu.. vendam appuram naan unmaiya udaika vendi varum... soliten appuram unaku problem

dubukudisciple said...

sari vanthathuku rounda 5

G3 said...

All the best for ur new project :D

P.S. Nalla paarunga.. ungalukku sollala.. unga projectkku dhaan sonnen :P

G3 said...

Neenga sonna 1st book pathi enakku therila.. but compared to 5 point someone I liked Chetan Baghat's One night @ call centre :)

gils said...

ekka..over mudinjapramum run adikareengalay...adhu ungalala matttttuum than mudium

//entha environmentuku ponalam nee velai seiya porathu illa//

baasha dialogue cut copy paste here :D

// soliten appuram unaku problem//

idhuku neenga sollirukalaam..

gils said...

//All the best for ur new project //

sonna namba mateenga..ingayum athaan sonanga :D aiyo paavam antha makkalnu :D avlova padutharennu appaviya keta adika varanga :( poor gils

nite @ call center padichiruken...gummu book

rsubras said...

Gillie..antha potted plant vs Wild tree example pramaaatham... Chanceh illa...

if we take ur blog as an indicator to ur performance..ippothaikku full flow nu ninaikaren :)

romba naaala oru doubt....

blog url - Super shanki
blog title - Mary poppins (munnadi appadi irunthuchu)
blog name - Gils
ur actual name - ****** (ada ketta vaarthai illappa ...just for security reasons not revealing :) )
name in which u comment - anonymous

ippadi onnuthukum onnuthukkum sambandhame illama irukkae..athu en naina?

Divya said...

All the bestuuuuu :)

gils said...

//blog url - Super shanki
blog title - Mary poppins (munnadi appadi irunthuchu)
blog name - Gils
ur actual name - ****** (ada ketta vaarthai illappa ...just for security reasons not revealing :) )
name in which u comment - anonymous

ivlo peria kostina...!!! mary poppins was the theme of my first post..was lazy to think of a new kept it as site name...gils ennoda nickname @college..and real name security reasonukaga star poatathuku nanri :D erkanavay mirattal mails neria varuthu :D

Dreamzz said...

puthu domain a:)

Srivats said...

Good post da.. i will try 5.someone I just finished "The five people you meet in heaven" Mitch Albom - if you havent read i strongly recommend ;)