Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 3

Though he regained consciousness almost immediately..he could make out the amount of tension those folks went through. Aruna and Jaya wer almost in tears...
"ok folks..relax...jus wanted to see how you react..me perfectly fine..."
"yeah..yeah..we can make out..if u dn mind can u get up from Arunas lap.."
Ram wiped off something more than sweat (read asadu) from his face and hurriedly got up...Aruna and others laafed it off and soon the gang began their march towards the forest..that was a trip he would never forget in his life..
While coming back the CD player conked off and everyone decided to play antakshri...When it was Arunas turn to sing...she sang...Pehla nasha from Jo jeeta wohi sikander...in the cramped up interior of the cab her voice sounded heavenly to Ram..it so happened that Ram was sitting opposite to her and in his mind he began visualising the song.. till that time he had never been much of a hindi movie fan...later when they got down he asked for the movie name and decided to chk out the song..
"thank u guys..i had a funtastic weekend because of u..would treasure these moments.."
"yeah yeah..especially the moment when u wer sleep acting in Arunas lap.."
Inspite of his tiredness he couldnt help blushing...he was too embarrassed to see Aruna on her face and mumbled a bye and went home...soon his assignment got over and it was time to leave...Aruna came to his desk with a parcel...
"Wow..u look lovely in this saree..wats spl.."
"Nothing..goin to a friends reception..here is something for u..."
Well..he almost heard it tt way...
"Nothing..just like that...can u do me a favour..."
"Sure..tell me.."
She smiled and said..."remember..never commit to anything without knowing what iam goin to ask.."
He stopped short of telling.."Anything for u..." and jus smiled back at her..
"well..can u give this to my frnd in chn ofc..."
"how will i knw her"
"him..not her..i will ask him to come and contact u.."
For a moment Ram stood perplexed..how he assumed the friend to be a girl and why he felt differntly to know that it was a guy..he dint had answers for either...the journey back home was bittersweet..he felt deflated and curious to find her "gud friend"...
"Excuse me...are you Mr. Ram from the design team..."
The voice belonged to one gorgeous looking person...he was dresed like a movie star and was charming to say the least...deep inside Ram grew an instant dislike for him..."no way i can compete with this hunk..." he thought to himself..."wait a minute..wat am i doing..why am i thinking like this...i have hardly known her for a week...this cant be me..!! "..he composed himself and decided to be normal..after sending that person off..he went to his workstation and the first mail was from Jaya..eagerly he searched through the rest of the mails but dint find any mail from Aruna..he almost felt angry and the rest of the day crawled slowly to a finish...When he was having dinner he was fuming more than the food in front of him..."tht selfish gal dint even had the courtesy to say thanks.." he promised to himself.."next time wen i go there i wont even talk to her..if she remembers me in first place" his mind added a sad after thought.He didnt enjoy his food and went back to his room sulking.."pehla nasha.." sang the new ringtone on his cell..irritatingly he picked the call.."lalluji hai?"..cried a lady voice in hoarsely...he cut the call without a word "of all the time to get a wrong call..."...again sang the phone..."first i shd change this ringtone..ever since i kept it in my fone everything is goin wrong for me...YEAH...who is this..."
"lalluji.." began the voice..
"listen lady..u got the wrong number..one more time u call me i would report u to the police..."
"huh..would u get me arrested..i thought u would thank me for helping u wen u got hurt.."
He felt as if he was jolted...he knew whose voice it was but continued.."huh..sorry..i cant recognise ur voice..whos this..."
"ok ok..enuff scene...i know u can recognise my voice...all u guys are sameda"
"oh..Aruna..sorryda cudnt pick ur voice..was bit tired with work..."
"i know what work u ver doing..replying to all my team commenting on their forwards...u dint even bother to write a word to me.."
"sorry yaar...nothing like tt.." and so began the chat....from then onwards..everyday the exchange servers started heating up with the sudden spurge in mails and the night calls became so lengthy that they had to keep their fones on charger while talking..

"Hey..did u notice Ram...offlate he seemed to have changed a lot..his dressing sense..the way he talks...everything has changed...for a person who didnt even had a cell..he seems to be getting to many calls nowadays...lets chk it out folks..."
"Yeah..u know wat...yesterday i saw him smiling at the monitor..wen i went to his desk..he locked his pc and went..something sure is fishy man..."

"hey..Xena..y u dint call me yesterday..."
"Ram..dnt call me Xena..u knw i dnt like tt name..."
"ok ok..relax pal..wats d pblm"
"problem? wen did i say im having pblm"
"i cant make out if u dnt say is it...cmon tell me..ur beautiful voice cant hide ur emotions dear.."
"i am coming to chn this weekend..if all goes well..u will b d first person to know"
"cmon not fair..its still THREE more days to go...tell me now..."
"no...dnt..tellme na..pls..atleast give me a clue."
"nthng doin..gudnite"


G3 said...

Ada paavamae.. naan pona episodelayae mudinjiduchunnu illa nenachen :D

Irunga poi posta padichittu varen :D

G3 said...

Ozhunga part 4-a release pannittu thoonga ponga :P

gils said...

heheh...done already..chk maadi...