Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yours Lovingly.. :) - part 1

P.S: itha fulla neenga yarachum padipeengalanu enaku oru abaaramaana doutu..athaan pikuripu first linea varuthu..ennada PNI part 7oda nikarathey...mudikara idea illayanu thenamum pallairakanakkana letters vanthu kuvinju kitu irukarapo..inum oru serial storyanu bayapadatheenga...idhu apdi izhukara alavu peria story illa :) if u got patience to plow through this..do so at ur convienience...romba naala ezhuthanumnu draftleye iruntha version...atlast i decided to give life to it...dunno if it had come out the way i wanted it to..still glad to get the dust off it from drafts..so....as usual...over to u folks...thuppum idam u knw where..

P.S.S:aaha..P.Sey ivlo perusa vanthiruchay..hmmm...idellam arasiyalla jagajam..kandukapdaathu.. now to d story..

"Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"..."Gud morning...ur wake up call at 6.30 AM"...
"Shucks...so soon 6.30...", Ram half opened his eyes... looked at the clock..kept the alarm for 7.30 and went back to sleep...Suddenly remembered the concall he had to attend and jumped out of the bed..groggily searched for the laptop..only to find it next to his pillow..the movie he was watching last nite..was nearing its climax when the laptop battery died...with no time to curse he hurriedly connected the power cord and logged in just in time for the meeting...

Well..meet mr. Ram..the everyday-u-see s/w engnr...Like the million other members of his creed..he too had moved away from his native to get a job in a far off place..if ever there was a reservation quota for reserved people..he would qualify under all the categories..shy and timidity where his sole companions..not that he is a nerd..but never really tried freaking out..he used to quip that he was conserving all his energies for better purpose..a real slog horse at work..it was no surprise for anyone that he climbed ranks rather fast...

The meeting got over finally...and after sleepwalking through the sessions-literally- Ram was in two minds whether to continue sleeping or start for office...the kind hearted devil suggested a million reasons to bunk the day and go to sleep...in the end insanity prevailed and he decided to go to office...hurriedly took shower and rushed to the basement..his Honda city was waiting for him...like a proud father of a top ranking son...he gave an affectionate pat to the car and started to office with the radio in full blast...

"Good morning Ram...hows ur weekend..."
"Oh..it went great...ate well..slept a lot ..and saw this wonderful movie..ICE AGE...man...!! u shd give it a try once...doesnt look like a toon movie at all.." and so went the conversation...typical monday morning talk...every monday morning coffee breaks are like movie-review-time for his team mates..either the discussion was on movies or on some new book which he read...his colleagues appreaciated his taste and where almost jealous of his lifestyle...well...that was an almost with a BIG A..

"i wonder how he manages to get so much time...'
"boss..if u r not married...dont have any girlfriend and not staying with ur parents..u will also get this much time...but u think u wud be happy with that.."
"well...i would definitely be so...no one can stay with a girlfriend like mine for more than 4 hours man.."
"oh..is it..i bet u i can better that time.." ..
"u !@#$%^..." a ripple of laughter followed by chasing..
"i dont trust this guy..these saadhu sorta people are always risky..u never know wats within them...stay careful with him guys.."

"Ram..you have to go to the client place starting next week for a long term project.." said the Mgr in an i've-already-decided tone..
"But sir..why me..."
"well..officially i can say tt u r better suited for this project..got gud rapport with ur counterparts and stuff..but personally u knw the reason right.."
Other than him everyone in the team were settled with their families here and since it involved building the team right from scratch..no one wanted to take the pains..."u knw hw critical this prj is for our company rt.." trailed off the manager..
Ram knew he was being made a bakra and didnt want to hear any more crap..he sulkingly agreed..."who knows Ram..u might find someone there for urself..hahaha" his manager laafed as if he had cracked the best of jokes..

one particular question had run through his mind many a times...Ram felt he had everything....satisfying job....decent sal...nice comfy apartment...brand new Honda city...latest music station.....and guess what.. in built Gym also....he was the envy of his team mates....does a guy need anything more?? Though he couldnt put a finger on what it was...somehow...somewhere..something was missing...soon came the time to fill in the missing portion...little did he realise that his client assignment was going to turn his world upside down....

Urs Lovingly,
Gils ;)


G3 said...

Adheppadi oru poshtu comment illaama gaaliya irukkalam??

Adhaan :D

gils said...

athaana :D :D

Anonymous said...

nalla aalunga pa! comment pannanumngrathukaga oru comment!! gils ithu unga real life story'nu sollidathinga...