Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ode to HP

Not about my kambeni..atha pathi thaniya postaren..this post is dedicated to the latest and last installment in the Harry Potter series...Alas! a great series comes to end..for folks who are keen followers i share your grief..for the uninitiated..well there is more to life which you have been missing folks...reading books you love is a magic in itself..that too when the characters are magical themselves...well what to say...i read the first one half heartedly..didnt like the cover picture...i have a hmm..sort of fetish towards book covers...the book should impress me right from cover page..when i saw the "HP n philosophers stone" wasnt much impressive..infact i had to plough through the book..couldnt follow half the things as i guess Rowling had decided to have the book in several parts right from page one of part most of the characters events where placed with a cloud of mystery hanging over each scene..though it aroused a wee bit of curiosity..the very thought that the second installment is going to be a year later was a put off...i never thought i would wait for the second part to come and had almost forgot about the book itself..the next i saw the books where when i went to my friends place..i saw that his wife was crazy about HP and had bought all the three parts which had come till that time...and surprisingly the cover was interesting this time..i started with the third part "HP n Prisoner of Azkaban" and guess what it was pretty had some parts missing..the best part about Rowlings writing is that she assumes that you have read the previous parts when she writes the current one..reading the third part enthused me to read the other parts..and thus began my quest...till i read the last part i thought "chamber of secrets" was her best...but this last edition "Deathly Hallows" definitely lived up to the expectations and was an amazing read..when the book was released i didnt ran up to buy it..750 rs per piece...evan vaanguvannu vituten..but when i chkd one of thebook shops causally..i was shocked to hear that they had sold out all the pieces on day one first hour itself...then after frantic chking i finally managed to buy it in a new bookstore which opened up near our area...first padichathu last ten pages thaan..who dies n who survivesnu therinjukama mandaye vedichurum pola feels sad that the series ends with this 7th part...wish there are more...harry potter padikarapolaam...u feel as if u r transferred into their magical world...the names which Rowling has selected for each of the spells and the magical items which makes entry in each series..ellam top class..for encyclopedia there is an equivalent rememberall and there is this stupefy curse to stun someone...patronus charm to chase away the dementors..toad sweets...oh my my...fresh imagination...and awesome charaterisation...enaku Hermione and Ron romba pudikum...Harry obviousa ellarukum pudikum...firstlenthu Dumbeldore, the headmaster of the magic school, Harryoda mentor n guide and role model mari solitu final partla avarum weak person thangara mari solirukarthu konjam pudikala..but interesting twists..paarapatcham paakama ella charactersaiyum poatu thalra vidham...hats off to Rowling..Harry potter series are over..Long live Harry potter series :)


G3 said...

Inga en junior oruthan ella partum tharenu solli irukkan.. padichittu soldren eppadinu :P

G3 said...

Phashtu commentu :D one tender coconut please :))

KK said...

namakkulam padam paarthu than pazhakam saamiyo :)

prithz said...

Ore peelings review potirkel! :D

Btw, did u get the child version of the book, adhoodha cover dhan mokkai. I got the adult version. Its got the locket! Range it is! :D

Sat said... more time to kottify ur vaitherichal...naa order of the phoenix shooting pathene :P

aama....neengalum rowling rangeku part parta vetti katha (vettinathu kathayaya illa readersayanrathu coffee toffee argument) sonneengale...athoda kadasi part enga?

Vidya said...

:D It has been a while since I checked out your blog too! Feeling a ezhuthi irukka? :D