Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dont tell anyone...its a secret..

Dont tell anyone..
How many times have u endured this phrase in ur life..By accepting or agreeing to this one liner, you unknowingly create a barrier, which many a time results in breaking more than one relationship. If you think that people trust you so much, that they share their darkest of secrets only with you, by binding you with this "magical" phrase...think twice might so happen that, you may be one of the many bound by this invisible clause. Simplest way to make a mess of a relation is, to tell something to one person and utter this "Dont tell it to anyone"...kekkaravan kenaya iruntha eruma kuda aeroplane oatumaam (ithuku vera definition edhuvum ivlo decenta maatala..therinjavanga purinjavanga manichukunga :) )...i fail to understand the thrill people get in sowing the seeds of secrecy on eveyone..its either that they want to enjoy the pleasure of "revealing" the "news" to everyone themselves or simply to have fun on your account or they are utterly suspicious folks who should be immediately banished to Azkhaban...

Huh..thats a real stinker of a post..irukara kadupellam kotti theethachu.. :)


dubukudisciple said...

enna gilsu ivalavu pheelingsu??
adu vera eduvum illa andha vishyam ellarukum theriyanum ana naanga solla koodathu.. aduku thaan ippadi solrathu

dubukudisciple said...

aiya naan thaan phastu..
seri gilsu un perula naan saptukuren.. bill mathram pay pannidu gill!!

mgnithi said...

Why the feelings?

Intha dialogue neraiya thadavai kettu, oru point of timela i was a like a mobile secret locker.

Nalla velai en friendskku ellam kalyanam aagi intha dialogue ketkarathu ippa kuranju pochi..

prithz said...

yaaru edho secret solli nalla veripethirkaanga polarku :P

G3 said...

Indha polambala erkanavae oru vaati naan phonela kettirukkaenae.. thirumba inga vera padikka soldreengalae ;)

Anonymous said...

ekka neenga first comment podatityum neenga thaan epovum phhirstu :)

neenga harry potter padipeengala..i feel like the guardian of secrets in that :D FRIENDSla oru series of episodes varum where Joey gets to know abt Monica n Chandlers affair..and the tribulations he has to undergo because of tt...many a time i have been like that...

Anonymous said...

@complan gal:
nee vera..onna renda..egapatta thadava..this post was in drafts for ages..ipo thoosi thatti poatruken :)

yeah yeah :) c naan pechu maatharathilla :D

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