Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy days...part II

Sorting Ceremony:

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be


Time flew..and soon we were facing our terminal exams...Just like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry potter series we had our own sorting ceremony called the terminal exams.

"Whoever kept the name as terminal for these exams...must be a real genius.." commented Guna sagely...
"haha...if you dust your books once a year atleast and see whats inside it wouldnt sound so hopeless..where is Shiv."
"He is off to check out his part time job..someone should tell him..he is spending more time in that part time job than even a full time employee...hardly comes to classes..he is so money mindedda...i hate that guy..."
"Danny..we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions..Shiv has severe financial problems at home"
Everyone went silent..It was rishi who broke it..."He could've told us machan...why he wants to alienate us from his issues...idiot.."
"You should appreciate his willingness to work out these issues on his ownda..ok..come lets go...else we might have one more paper in arrears list tommorow..hahaha "

"Macha...tommorow we have the team selection for this yearda..exam mudichitu elarum ground vanthirunga...From our class atleast we should have 3 representatives.." said Rishi..
"Dei..Arun epdiyum select aaiduvan for opener slot..bowlingku namma muthu select aanana supera irukum..lets be there to cheer them...dei Sridhar..nee thaan dakaalti party...mavanay escape aagalmnu paatha tinnu thaan.."
Sridhar just smiled and kept quiet..
"ivan sari pattu vara maatan...naliku exam mudinja udanay ivana katti thookitu vanthirungada...Ram intha task unaku....our crowd should be present in full strength..podra soundla ground alaranum...entha eventuku ponalum anga naama yarunu kaatanum..namma ganga paathu nadunganum...thookanumda..ella prizeum thookanum.." "thundered" Rishi.....he was the natural task manager in the group..we were so sure that he would make a gud organiser if not a manager..from that time onwards till the end of our term he was the event manager of our group...whether it was a movie or any outing for that matter he was the incharge.
"dei..kaakka kaaka pandiya mudi weight kuda ila nee...unakenda intha sound...adanguda.."
The gang dispersed amidst peals of laughter...

The day of team selection came..PT master was the hero of the day..usually twice a year he hogs the limelight..during the day of team selection and also before the year ending exams..when folks without attendance follow him day and night for his grace to get the required attendance percentage to avoid condonation by getting on duty days.
on the day of team selection our crowd was present in big numbers to cheer Arun and rest of our mates..every hit was greeted with huge cheers and misses were cheered even more ...ground was reverberating with cries of A...R..U..N...had there been a prize for being the best cheerleading squad we would've won it hands down...
Next day we all gathered near the notice board...even before the staff could pin up the list we took it from him and read through the list.. Arun's name was not there in that..everyone was furious except Arun..he was sitting quietly in the class...
Danny was the first one to talk.."macha..we shall strikeda..this is too much..not even a single rep from our class..we will mass bunk till Arun is included in the team...ennada solreenga"
The resolution was passed unanimously with voice vote..with Sridhar being the lone absentee..
"No need guys..yesterday after you all left..PT spoke to me...he wants to include a final year guy as opener...that guy is from middle classs background and if he gets selected in our college team he can join university team and can use that to get some job in some sports quota...enaku ithu passion aaan avanuku ithu vituten..."
I always thought of him as a person who never thought above that moment he looked like a true hero to me..

Based on the scores we were allotted specialisations of our choice or had to end up with what was left over. Raj had set his eyes on classical maths course coupled with theoretical and practical mathametics. Since i had applied for a course similar to his we shared many of our classes. Language classes were the time off periods amidst the chaos of numbers and theorems and axioms. Arun and some from the gang had applied for electronics.
In the midst of class Arun woke from deep hear the prof talking about kovil..
"Maams..why suddely that old man is suddenly religious...talking about kovil and all.."
"dei...that is coil...we are in electronics class..transformers chapter.." Arun was in splits on hearing this..suddenly the duster flew and landed safely on his head..when he looked up it was the prof who was standing next to him...
"Tell me how do you start a DC motor..."
Arun rubbed the sleep out of his eyes...and looked at the proff. blankly...
The entire class errupted in laughter..only the proff didnt see the joke in that and bellowed..."GET OUT OF MY CLASS.."
Arun cooly got up and the same time a senior student came looking out for Arun for net luck would have of the seniors calledup sick and PT immediately called Arun for backup..his happiness knew no bounds that day..and so was ours..we felt as if it was our own achivement..first time in our college history a freshman playing in the team...there were talks that he had the potential to represent the state and even the country with luck...may be..but that wasnt what it was meant to be.

For almost all of us in the batch, computer science was a compulsory subject in first year..i was not very keen on computers and took the class just for the heck of it..that too we had mostly theory and very less lab sessions. Most of my batchmates where already pundits in PC operations and were eagerly awaiting comp. sci classes..once when the prof was seriously teaching about precedence of operators i yawned a bit loudly unable to control..the entire class started laughing..the prof turned back from the board and before he could ask anything shiv stood up and said he had a doubt...
That diverted his attention..
"Yes ...whats your doubt?"
"thats the asterisk symbol is it..the one on farther left?"
"i think u left one more line in the should have six lines..u've put only five"
The prof stood staring at him for a moment..he smiled and said..."What did you think..if u make wisecracks like this i will send you out of the class is way...the punishment for you is to sit through the class for the whole hour...guys..make way for our new front bencher..inimay en classla nee inga than ukaranum..if i see u missing even for an hour i wouldnt allow you to take the"
I thanked my lucky stars and..went back to sleep :)


dubukudisciple said...

enna ezhuthi iruke..
onnume puriyala

dubukudisciple said...

haiya nan thaan phastu...
enaku edavathu anupu udane

G3 said...

Naan pona postlayae sollanumnu nenachen.. awesome flow.. ellarum ippadiyae aniyaayathu urupadiyaana posta potta naanga ellam enna pandradhu :(((

Konjam mokka post podavum yaaravadhu company kudungappa :))

G3 said...

Appadiyae oru college lifeku poittu vandha feel.. aniyayathukku ensoi panni ezhudhareenga pola :)) seekiram adutha partsa release pannunga :)

G3 said...

rounda oru 5 pottukaren.. oru panju mittayaavadhu anuppi veinga :)

Anonymous said...

phirstu vantha dd ekkaku sillunu oru elanee...5 comment poata g3ku..avanga ketta panju mutaai paaaaaaaaarcel:D

mgnithi said...

Gud one from you... the flow is gud and the way you have anticipated that the readers will be reminded of Pandiya from KK and added the comment"dei..kaakka kaaka pandiya mudi weight kuda ila nee...unakenda intha sound...adanguda" is a good thought from ur side..

Kathai supera solreenga...

Divya said...

Wow !what a wonderful flow of writing, all these days have missed reading ur posts I guess!

\\we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions.\\

these lines provoked my thoughts abt being judgemental!

The entire class errupted in laughter..\\


\guys..make way for our new front bencher..inimay en classla nee inga than ukaranum..if i see u missing even for an hour i wouldnt allow you to take the"\\

Prof oru periya aapu vaichutaru poliruku, thats funny!

Really enjoyed reading this post, will read other posts too & make comments !!