Cyber Sparisangal

Makkas n d back with one more story...intha story enna spl..well..its written by my lazy friend who doesnt want to open a blog of his own..chk it out..and as usual..u know wer to thuppify :D

Place : cyberbit systems, Dubai.
Time : 1540 hrs

Kumar was working at a feverish pace. Every ten minutes he was looking at his watch cursing the change request which came at the last moment. Though he was physically in office his mind was already travelling back home.
"Ram.. can you test this code fast.."
"Sure sure seem to be in hurry..getting late for a date or what.." ram added with a wink.
Kumar was pacing in front of the monitor as if he is awaiting his first baby...painfully reminding himself that he wasnt actually there when his first kid was born.
"Object not found" spat came the error..
Kumar banged the desk in frustration.
"Sire..relax..i can pitch in for tension..let me see if i can fix this carry on.." volunteered Ram.
"Thanks Ram..I owe you one.."
"No probs..If its a girl you are meeting..get her friends number for me..." Rams voice was ringing on the hallway when Kumar was thudding to the parking lot...
When he reached the parking lot that time only realised that he had forgotten to intimate his PM about the status...he called up Ram...
" more help...can u tell our damager about the status on my behalf..send a mail from my pc..password is same as last week...thanks man...i owe you two now.."
With one foot firmly on the accelerator he was speeding towards his room.
He had a tough time to remember the list of things he wanted to speak. He again went over the important events of that week and sorted them out mentally as to what needs to be told and what can wait. He realised the value of time and was wondering whether he did the right thing by opting for this job. Barely avoiding the truck in front of him he swerved off to his right. In a way his life was also like that. Swerving off at the last minute, postponing decisions till the eleventh hour and letting the events take its own course.

"Five mins..just five more mins..." he consoled himself as he parked the car in the basement...without even bothering to check if its closed properly or not he rushed to the lift..he has been waiting for this day for the whole week..

He switched on the lights..with a million questions running on his mind..Will she be at home now? was there any power shutdown scheduled? was he late? would she have left for her classes?

With trembling hands in excitement..he connected to InterNet and switched on the web cam.
The moment he saw his 5 year old daughter face appear on the screen..he felt relief for the first time in the whole day. His hand crawled over the monitor..craving for the real touch..

"papa..see..i am wearing the frock you sent me last week in doesnt fit me on the left side.."
"Sorryma..ask mama to get it altered.."
"po papa..u dnt even know my size.."

Kumar moved away from the camera and silently cried.

Note: Intha siru kathai oor, oravu, kudumbam anaithayum vittu porul theda veli naatil velai seiyum anaithu thanthaigalukkum samarpanam ..


dubukudisciple said…
enna gilsu..
veetuku theriyama engayavathu kudumbam kutti vachi irukiya?
dubukudisciple said…
adu enna makkis!!!
makki na hindi la corn flournu artham..
dubukudisciple said…
adu enna eduku eduthalum i owe u one ....
enna owe panraru?
Anonymous said…
varuga varguga..thangal varavu nal varavaaguga :)
gils said…
sumam thaan..oru scenekuaga owe u one solrar :D
dubukudisciple said…
ella commentukum ozhunga reply pannu
G3 said…
Sema sentiya pochu.. 2 naal munnadi dhaan en friend USla irundhu avan ponnoda 1st birthday photos anuppinan.. avanum avan wife-um USla kozhandha inga paati veetla.. avan kozhandhayoda 1st birthdayva avanae photola dhaan paakaraan.. :(
prithz said…
oi gils.. nice story man. very heartfelt..

i wrote a similar post a couple of weeks back - 'the first kiss' nu sollitu..
Priya said…
Very touchy... aana na guess panniten 1st ye :D

Nice story!!
Arunkumar said…
enna gils ore touchinga irukku... namakku thaan idhukkellam innum years irukke :)
Heidi Kris said…
was it inspired from pritz blog? deja vu madri oru feel padikache..
Janani said…
Ahaaa.... Unga frnd ku unga kaathu patu avarukum intha pazhakam vanthuduchaa....

But a touching story.. Good one.

Kudos to your frnd
mgnithi said…

Touch panniteenga ponga.. over sentiment dude..
mgnithi said…
credit unga friendukku pass pannidunga..
Kittu said…
wow. gils kalakkiteenga

short storyla message koathu nalla mixing.

innum niraya stories ezudhavum.
KK said…
Super story! Yen saarbula unga friend'ku oru nalla pat kodunga ;)
Very nice post..And its true in many ppl's life! :)

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