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Kind worth killing – book review

Kind worth killing – review

Wow!!This author is interesting. If this is the feeling you get after reading the first part (review for which is here),the second portion would leave you like “OMG!! This author is insane!!!” Though the plot and scenes are a repeat from first part, the twist in the ending is a literal punch to the gut. At hindsight, one should’ve seen it coming. But with the level of deliberation the author takes us through, with the entire story moving in point-of-view approach, with each character narrating the story per chapter, the entire script is mind bogglingly real and natural. The first part, begins with the lady character, Lily, who attempts to aid Ted murder his adulterous wife, ends in Ted getting killed by the guy having affair with Ted’s wife. The second part is all about how Lily, the adulterous wife and her boyfriend, their equations and stories criss-crossing the ongoing police investigation of Ted’s murder and finally how it culminates in the ultimate twist of all. The screenplay is so fantastically simple that, you are drawn into the narrative of each person. Every single character, be it Ted, Lily, Brad or Miranda are murderers or at least plotting one on the other throughout the first two parts. The entire story of one-upmanship, ends with Ted being the first one killed and second part takes form of spoiler inducing ending.

What hits you when you read the book is the casual way in which the psychopaths (for no other way to describe them) discuss and plot the killings. Especially Lily. Cold blooded gets a whole new definition, spread over several hundred pages. Conscience is clearly conspicuous in its absence across all characters. There is not an inch of positivity across any of those characters and the entire story is an out and out dedication for everything negative. That actually works is the stunningly scary deal. There is no hint of remorse or as Lily puts it, morality. Except for the policeman, who is hot on the case, everyone lies, cheats, kills and seems like they are on a challenge to complete the 7 deadly sins as many times as they can in the limited time span of their lives!! The third part of the book is dedicated to the hunt for killer and going by the details mentioned, any up and coming psycho can learn a thing or two on how and what to avoid in a police investigation. Everything is so simple, practical if not logical and matter of fact and the amazing pace which the author maintains throughout all those scenes, makes you realize a bit later what you’ve been reading through and when it hits, you never knew when it crossed your mind!! And then comes the ending on Chapter 33. You go all OMG..what’s wrong with this guy again!!!! But still like a fish hooked to the bait, you can’t simply resist keeping the book down. You start the next chapter and it’s again WHAM!!! And the final chapter which ends with a letter from Lily’s dad is the best of all twists and leaves the reader to wonder what would’ve actually happened. Which never matter anyway. Except for the poor police guy, who even though got a raw deal, there were small details about him which could’ve eventually validated the treatment meted out to him. Probably it’s the author’s way of implicating stalking, as made evident by the first kill of Lily. There are similarities to both,even though characterwise the 2 victims may be poles apart.

Gils verdict – it’s a mindboggling read to say the least. Feels like I should take bath just for reading this book. Though there are only a handful of characters in the book, with almost everyone getting killed, it feels like a bloodbath. But for those who love thriller genre, they may really like the twists in this tale.


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