Monday, May 22, 2017

Instrumental instructions

What does the music instruments teach office goers, especially IT guys –

1)      Flute – sagala holesaiyum opena vachalum..mooda vendiatha moodina thaan music varum. Plugging all shut and leaving all open makes one a bamboo with holes and nothing much.

2)      Guitar – you need to pull some strings to get the right output. Knowing which string to pull and how will help you strike the right chord

3)      Gadam – probably the closest to resemble an onsite resource. Nimithi poata thanni kudama use aganum..kavuthu poattu saaathinalum satham musica varanum. Versatality makes one never go”dumb”

4)      Tabla – offshore resource equivalent. Offshore lead kitayum adi vanganum. Onsite kitayum adi vanganum. Rendu adiyum correcta reflect panna than music. Ilaati noise thaan.

5)      Sax – sometimes people may push your buttons, but remember music is nothing but noise well tamed

6)      Trumpet- Equivalent of  self appraisal, which even though being the loudest, often considered as un-important

7)      Veenai – If not tuned properly, it would simply go “veen” and no nai would seendify

8)      Jing-Chuk – the master of all

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Ramesh said...

Ha Ha.

It companya vittittu Kollywood ponga thalaivare.