Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Poll for polis and nation's shame

So many elections have come and gone but none have witnessed such a bat-shit crazy set of candidates like the current by-election. The prime contender (avary sollikiraaru) is the sole claimant (alongside three others) of the legacy of the deceased incumbent and his claim to fame is achieving notoriety and lawsuits for illegal land grabbing and disproportionate assets other than being the nephew of the friend of the deceased. And funnily this kettle, calls, the husband of the niece of the deceased who has started his own party, as black. The other contender in fray is the person whose conscience woke up from its Samadhi after his well publicised visit to one. The main opposition has decided to land a candidate whose face can't be recollected despite him standing next to his own poster.

This is one election that everyone wants to win but no one is worthy of contesting, that considering the credence of the deceased incumbent is quite something. As wondered several years back, India is haunted by J & K right at the top and also at the bottom. With J out of equation and K nearing his expiry date (guess so!!) the supposed power house of a state that lorded the key portfolios for the past several decades is now without a stable and statesman of a leader. Not that the previous ones were, but they were pretty good in striking deals for themselves if not the state and there was always a slight trickle back to the public.

What shame could be worse than to witness ones own fellow state men, who toil to feed the millions, striking in protest in their undies at the national capital with not a single soul bothering to take their case. Shame on the media for highlighting an arrogant ass of an MP who slapped a staff as headline news, while side lining what should be the eye of the storm by now. Wonder where is that good Samaritan who claims to be the most noble soul on earth out to cleanse the system, who never misses an opportunity to bite the center, on this issue. Probably still licking his wounds on not being able to win Punjab in recent elections.

Feels really frustrated to see not a single party owning up to their mistakes and leave alone apologising but none are even willing to climb down from their ego mounts and talk to people. What the hell..without these guys wonder what they will eat. High time they are served humble pie. Like marina hope other farmers from surrounding states siege the capital and make people in power realise that who is the servant and who is the lord.

If this is democracy, screw it.


Ramesh said...

Wow. Hard hitting post Gilsu. As you say, we have utterly third class people as politicians in the state. We have a disproportionate share of scoundrels and thugs in the political arena. Such an aware, educated and forward thinking state has come to this.

Missed all your posts as I was on a road trip all of last month. Back to pulling your leg from now on !!

gils said...

road trip!! inspired by vincy?? :) eager to see some posts on that.
neenga apeet aanathala blog hit count was zero..saw a single spike today and was happy :D

Ramesh said...

Full travel blog at http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/indigoite/3/tpod.html

Blog count must have been 0 because like Y2K it became 0 after 1999999999999999999 :)

gils said...