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Abstract of absurdity

The recent IP issue between IR and SPB, is one of the many flashpoints on social media, which has its own share of “breaking news” aplenty. What it brings to light is the amount of awareness and the lack of it amongst our audience who never shy away from taking sides with not even “nuni-pul” amount of knowledge. Everyone has their own two cents worth of information and want to wage a war against others who go against their word. In one way, its good as the awareness about Intellectual property may show a slight increase and might even be the top trending topic till someone digs up a long post on what is it and what are its loop holes. Generally, these flash points have a quick life and they grow exponential in their reach till the time someone actually takes pain to explain the topic and puts forth a lengthy article on the merits and demerits of the point of contention. Till the time the pro and anti group of the topic, grind each other to dust with all choice of abuses possible and put their followers to shame. There can never be a middle path in the age of social media for, you are either with us or against us, is the default motto.

One heartening thing about these explosive news headings is that, those who are indulgent enough, takes pains to learn about the topics. But there are people who simply want to show-off their knowledge and spread false info there by creating confusion on the validity of the information. There are even debates conducted on the correctness of the information available on the web as its easily and generally tampered with. Wikipedia was once known as the greatest reservoir of information, probably equated with the lost library of Alexandria. But with the ease with which information is changed by people, its hard to believe which is the truth.

We’ve finally reached the stage where anything can be searched for and found on the net. But are they really the truth is something best let for the individual’s discretion. As for the IP battle of Raja, it raises way too many questions and lot less answers. Who owns the IP – is it the producer who employed everyone? Is it the music director who created the tune? What about those musicians who helped in composing the tune, do they get a share? The lyricist, for without which the tune is just a soul without body, the singers who supplement the music, the other technicians involved, does everyone get their share? If there is restriction on public usage of the songs without the permit of the music director is it like he is the single point reference for all these people or will they also be be represented individually? What is that royalty amount if its to be shared with this big a group? Is it really worth it? The list is endless. But the point is, the smoke has began to billow and the fire has to be stopped. Hope it not just clears the deck for the powers to be but also brings wider application for the general masses which may eventually benefit those who are entitled to.


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