Monday, September 19, 2016

To B.E or not B.E

"Do you understand physics jokes?"

A rather innocuous sentence or question. But the situation in context was hilarious or sad, depends on which side of the conversation you were.

A friend of mine, your typical America mappillai, recently had a skype chat with his possible bride-to-be. Ponnu paakrangaratha epdi solrathu? hunting sonna sandaiku varanga. Anyways. While discussing about their respective profiles, that girl suddenly had popped the question. Though he had heard the question, he was kind of confused as to if he heard it right and had it reconfirmed. While deliberating over the question, it was explained to him that, since he was from art and science background and not an engineer, that girl had wondered out loud, would he be able to appreciate nerdy jokes like science jokes. Needless to say on the status of the discussion. He polambified to me and was funny cursing the day he chose not to take up engineering and settled for B.Sc. Though we had a hearty laugh at it, it was strange to think that, people are still so hung up on engineering as a qualification!! That too while screening profiles for marriage!!!

There used to be time when IT companies used to select only engineering grads and even if selected science grads would be paid only half the salary as engineering grads and would probably be the single biggest reason for attrition in the science grads group. Not sure if the trend continues even now. Considering the above situation, Matrimony Profile filter conditionla humour sense ulla paiyyan venumnu podrathu poga, engineering padichi, physics/chemistry/botany/zoology jokes purinjikara, paiyyan venumnu inimay add pannuvanga pola!!

Pasanga pavam.


Ramesh said...

Physics jokesunna enna ??? Plizz to crack a few mokkais. I am not B.E. so I will scratch my head and try to understand.

Enna, Ponnu pakkara seasonla fully irangufying ?? On the evidence of the last two posts .......

Asha said...

Amampa...padiccha economically independant ponnunga...moreover ippo ponnunga kidakarday kashtum...they have every right to demand...what say?

gils said...

@thala: u wouldnt believe some of those things that were discussed!! :D:D kekka kaamedia irunthaalum..romba kushtam :D

@asha: economically independenta irukarathu thappilla..aana rejecting someone because he can't understand physics jokes?!! want to say insane.