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The second of the seven

Some time back i had posted about a person, whose life story stunned me, for it was what i felt, would've been my life story, had the choices i made been any different. Personality wise his was an extreme version of mine. Anything i had in mild he was the wilder version, the espresso to me latte. It was an interesting study in contrast for me as i had a ring side view of what would've possibly happened in my life if i had chosen the other road that i left behind. I had even posted about it in this very blog.

There is a saying that there are always seven people in the world, who look the same - possibly the crudest translation of "unna mathiriye ezhu per ulagathula irupanga". Recently, i met the second of the seven. This guy's life story was a lot more similar and curiously, our lives had been interconnecting for past decade and a half without either of us realizing. We had stayed on the same street, on houses on either side of the road. When he was in Hyderabad, i was in Chennai and when i went to USA he came back from there to Chennai. While bride hunting, we both have been screened by same girls and idhula perumaikuria vishayam is, have both been rejected by them. We both have been on same company but different locations and the answer to how come ithana kathai you know is that now we both work on the same company. After by passing each other all this while, finally fate has found a seat for us on the same section.

While talking, rather listening to him talk, i got to know all those kathai mentioned above. For starters, it was the first ever time, i am interacting with someone who talks more than me!!! Overa pesarangara arthathula mattum illa..more on volume. Not the sound, but quantity. While we both share varied interests, mine have mostly be the nuni pul meyara level, while he has alasi aaranjified everything. While he is still a fitness freak, that streak died in me a while back. While his belief factor around faith is immensely more than mine, the confusion regarding our career and life in general was an unifying factor still. The more he spoke, the more i got convinced on how my life would've been had it not been for a "yes" exchanged few years back.

I couldn't stop thinking on that 7 people adage ever since. Probably what it meant was not in literal sense that there would be 7 dopple gangers all looking like carbon copy of each, but more to illustrate the fact that, we are not alone in whatever that happens in our life. Be it the choices we take or not, its always a life lived by another, who for all we know, might be our next door neighbour.


gils said…
Ok..espresso latte was not in color sense. To clarify he was milky white to my wheat brown complexion.
Ramesh said…
Oh; such a saying exists. Then may you find the other 5 people soon too ??

Even more interesting is the statement "While bride hunting, we both have been screened by same girls and idhula perumaikuria vishayam is, have both been rejected by them". WHAT ???? Here is a message to all these "rejectors" - Come to this blog and be ready to be thrashed by the "bhaktha kodigal" of the Gislu Fan manram :)

Request to Gilsu - please enlighten your readers on the art of bride hunting !!! :):)
gils said…
bride hunting it is :D oru detaaaaailled article thaan adikanum :D
Asha said…
identity crisisa ungalukku....I would say i am unique.
gils said…
i always used to think like that..till i saw how wrong it is..typical gemini mindset..can argue both sides..ipothaiku unique illai is in favour :D

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