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Second innings

Once a while life throws situations at you, that make movie scenes and plots in novels pale in comparison. Some months back i had posted about a colleague of mine who was down with brain tumourhere. The doctors she went for treatment, made use of her illness to sharpen their theoretical knowledge on brain tumour, by performing live practical's on her head. Such was their callousness that they literally told her parents on their face that their daughter wouldn't survive to see the new year. Iron willed is a milder term to describe this girl. When person after person, looks at you in remorse, accompanied by a sad tilt of their heads, specially reserved for lost causes and your own physicians give up on you and to add to it all the agonizing amount of expenditure involved coupled with an alien surrounding so far off from your native, depression would be considered as not just the state of mind but country of residence. Despite all the negativity around her health, her will power and ambitious spirit always shone bright and it never felt like speaking with someone on their last lap whenever we spoke with her. Her confidence was contagious and she never gave up on life. The merciful gods finally shone bright on her fate and through some friendly connection, her medical condition was referred to US, where they performed a critical operation and successfully cleared her tumour. She is all hale and healthy and back at her sprightly best now. For making up for those months lost in sickness, she has started with super vigour on her career and has already taken up freelancing assignments for content writing and have even taken up few interviews to get back to work!!!

The comment section of the previous post was filled with prayers and all your noble wishes has been answered. The feeling is surreal and the fact that she has recovered is yet to sink in but very very happy for her. Probably they should make a movie of her with the theme of indomitable will that won over fatality. For all those who crib and lose heart, including me, over trivial things and willing to give up at the drop of a hat, this person is a big time morale booster.

May her and her tribe grow.


Ramesh said…
I haven't read a post that gave me greater happiness. I have tears in my eyes and salute the lady for being a role model and a complete heroine.

If she is reading this blog, I would stand up and bow to her, wish her the maximum possible happiness and would consider it a complete privilege if I could shake her hand in person.
mahesh said…

I want to meet this lady and as Ramesh sir said - I bow down to her courage and spirit. If she is in Madras and would be interested in a full-time role in content creation and marketing can you ask her to write an email to me with her CV!

Asha said…
bravo and god bless the girl with a long, healthy and happy life. more prayers for her.

I believe tough times are god's way of strengthening us ....if god give us problems, he also gives us the mental strenght to sail through it. that is my faith..
gils said…
Thanks for all your wishes. Its another instance where the power of prayers and good thoughts triumph

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