Friday, July 29, 2016

The aftermath

In present day world, the easiest way to fame is the 6 letter word - Kabali. Whether you say good about the movie or otherwise, either way you would achieve instant famedom. Especially in case of latter, when swarms of fan(atic)s or the more hep term "bhakts" will troll you till you relent.
You say "its an ok movie" they say "why ok? the movie is the greatest thing after sliced bread and wheel. If you want message in movies, then cinema is not the place you should be looking at it for. If you want oscar winning performances, well that's what those movies are for and obviously "thalaivar" padam means paisa vasool entertainment and is meant only for catering to his fans" Basically they say "SHUT UP" in so many small words.
You say "this movie is not like rajini's previous movies and is all senti and slow" they shout back at you with the very same fact as the positivity in the movie.
You say "there is no story" they say "when does rajini movies dealt with stories" and that is a positive comment
You say "its not worth the hype or the daylight robbery in the name of ticket selling" they say "no price is more to watch thalaivar"
You say "the movie is flop" they produce stats and figures that should ideally make IT and revenue department roll its proverbial eyes.
On top of it all there are people, who have put statuses on their FB wall that, if anyone on their friend list say anything bad about the movie, they would rather un-friend them!!! Such is the craze abound that people go out of their way and right into everyone's way to support the star. In their psychopathic frenzy, they defend every aspect negative and illegal about the movie and their star, with their sole goal being to stay right about their belief and painting everything true in the name of democracy. Be it vairamuthu or anyone else for that matter, especially for people in cine industry, they cannot get away with their honest opinion on the movie. They would be isolated and their reputations tarnished for speaking their heart out.
This movie might just be a case in point against the rising levels of intolerance. Every famous public personality has their own following and if any comments against them results in such mob hysteria, we are all set for terrifying times. As it is whenever there is a "Thala" or "Thalapathi" movie release, their fan fights would put actual war to shame. With social media proving ideal base for creatively targeting and tarnishing people, negativity breeds quicker and faster than mosquitoes on stagnant sewer.
Should there be a regulatory mechanism for social media? That would be a question for the ages.


Ramesh said...

You say "Whether you say good about the movie or otherwise, either way you would achieve instant famedom". Can I achieve instant famedom by saying nothing ? :)

Who is the heroine in the film by the way; if there is one. Avangalappathi ezhuthunga sir !

Asha said...

Parthen, rasithen, Magizhicchi!!!...nothing more...nothing less.

Vincy said...

@Ramesh - Everyone else fades into oblivion in a Rajini movie, it includes the heroine too. This movie is not an exception. But what I hear is that the heroine gets to call Rajini with a "nee" and orders him around which again is not a common thing. Well, I got to watch this movie to form my opinions.

gils said...

@thala: Radika apte is the usual someone who is 40 years younger to him :D

@asha: fan alert :d neenga ivlo theeeevira Rajini fana!! avvvvvvvvvvvvvv

@vincy: sutham...avlolaam worthilla