Friday, May 06, 2016

Roll of dice

God didnt play dice with the universe claimed the noodle headed nerd. I really wonder why not. Rain drops doesnt decide whether they should become pearl or sewage. No kids decide their parents. After they are created what and how they are maybe on that individuals hand. But the starting line is never the same. Some call it fate from previous births. While some say, by product of poor planning parents. We let loose our kids into this planet like sparks from a raging flame. Whenever I see kids trying to sell crayon books on signals or begging in trains, I wonder about what curse brought them to this planet for having been born to such parents. The moment they are born, there goes your claim to equality. It raises way too many questions. Not for a moment I doubt the capability of kids from such background. We also read of heart warming stories of IAS officers coming out of slum upbringing and kids of rickshaw pullers acing top exams. Will it erase the stigma of their background is the question I want to raise.

You see a beggar on road and begin to think of reasons why he is there in that situation? Did he had a bad hand in finance? Was he cheated of all his wealth? Was he a beggar from birth? Bad parenting? Kidnapped kid? Cruel children who wouldn't take care of him in his old age? his vices? Then it all shifts to the "How"'s. How does he manage his daily bread? Does he ever think of what he will do tomorrow? Who or how he will get his next meal? Does he even think of saving the pennies he gets as alms? Or does it all boils down to bad karma? On a side note, why can't he be simply lazy and chose to beg for money to make his day?!!

Its a no-brainer question to compare any two peoples life. But having been brought up on observe-record-infer mindset from school times its quite difficult to not be so. Even within the same family, neither siblings have similar lifestyle. Having same set of parents, similar brought up, by a lengthy shot even same financial set up, doesn't guarantee same results. For the variables involved in everyone's life are way too many to comprehend. Everything is so random that even a casual act of a passer by may have tremendously life changing effect on one while it may not be of any significance for many. Best example would be the apple with which i got hit when i was a school kid by my sister. It only caused swelling and no amount of mugging helped me with gravity related chapters in Physics!! Different apple different head different result. Napolean Hill might have studied the life of successful people to come up with his book. But no matter how many cameras one keep and record every day activities of any rich guy, no one can break the code as to what made them what they are. The very title of self help books like "7 habits" "10 things" that rich guys do itself makes a mockery of the reason for them. Had the author known the exact one thing that clicked, the title would simply have been the "1 idea" that actually worked!!!

I really do feel that God definitely played dice and didnt just stop there but made a poly dimensional polypoid of a dice of every single human being, leaving nothing to be taken for granted. Which side one rolls makes or breaks his life.


Ramesh said...

Indeed life is a matter of chance. The accident of birth determines a huge element of the future. Further accidental occurrences during life can make a twist or a turn that has big consequences. But its also true that through our own action we can influence the outcomes somewhat. The rich mystery of the tapestry of life.

But Gilsu, you are confounding us with "ply dimensional polypoid" which is beyond the grasp of humble mortals such as yours truly, who are not on the same stratospheric levels of Thalaivar Gilsu :)

gils said...

romba complexnu sollarathuku complexa oru term yosichathin vilaivu :D