Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Multicoloured animals in magic kingdom

There it was!!

Hidden behind the iron pillar.

I slowly crawled toward the yellow elephant. The path was slippery and wet and smelled of something funny that i vaguely remember from my hospital days.

I caught the elephant by its trunk and took a big bite. The taste was bland. It didnt made any funny sound, like the one it makes when its in the hand of the big guy with specs. I shifted the yellow elephant to my left hand and started hitting it on the floor. Suddenly there was a commotion behind me.

It was the red Tiger!!

He started playing his drums all by himself. There was a white object attached to the red tiger which was turning in synch with drum beat that caught my fancy. Dragging the yellow elephant, i crawled towards the tiger. By the time i reached him, he had stopped drumming and the white object also stood still. I threw away the elephant and took the tiger by his head and mopped the floor with him. Then i saw the huge brown monkey, gaping at me, hanging from the iron pillar.

That brown monkey always makes me laugh as i find his facial expression very funny. I started kissing him and his hairy face became all wet pretty soon. Suddenly the giant lady appeared in front and dragged the monkey from my clutches. She started saying something in her strange tongue pointing at monkey and then at her mouth and waving the finger. Probably she wanted to taste the monkey and was angry that i took it.

Then only i noted that chota bheem had been lying motionless for a long time. He used to be my favourite before the speaking bird came. That furry bird always repeats what i say and along with that dancing bow-wow its my new favourite.

Yaaaawnnn.. time to throw a tantrum and go to sleeppp.


mahesh said...

Loving this series wherein Gils goes into the mind of his little prince and writeson his behalf. Aanalum onga wife a 'giant lady' nu kindal paninaenga pathengala - adhu dhan the VSR touch like the legendary KB touch :) too good :)

gils said...

avan point of viewla elarumay giant thaana...avvvvvv..adivaangi tharama vida mataanga pola!!

Vincy said...

your dreams are rather vivid and even your sub conscious mind lets its imagination run wild. :-) :-)

gils said...

Idhu kadhaiyalla nijam :D

Ramesh said...

Where was the giant man when all this happened ??? If the answer is any of the following,

- he was in some cinema theatre
- he was sleeping
- he was watching some TV serial (Friends ? GoT ?)
- he was arrattai aduchufying with teerthadanam / Brags / Mahesh

may the little prince pee on him the next time he lifts him up :)

gils said...

hehehee...neither..was watching what kutty was doing :D:D