Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy new year folks

Hope you all had a great beginning to 2016. This year having an additional day to it, will be sure a notable one for many of friends who are in the crux of many things. I am sure in few months time atleast one of them will fly abroad, few onto their own houses, few would be married within first half of the year and few hopefully would find their love by end of the year. Barring the last wish, rest are not predictions but mere facts which are lined up to happen. 2015 wasn't kind to many of them with floods and other mishaps. They braved through them all and came up trumps. So its only expected for them to reap the rewards for their efforts and prayers.

Mine already started on expected lines. Will be more positive going into the year. Have tonnes of trainings and certifications to complete within next few months. It all marks for a new beginning that i've been wishing for quite a while now.

To quote Star Wars, its a New Hope with the Force Awakening.

May the force be with you, all through the year and in times to come.

Appalika catch you all.



Asha said...

I am not buying a house, i am already married, i don't see any plans of flying abroad....appo naan unga friends listla illa polirukkay. No prediction for me??.....LOL...

Happy new year Gils, to you, your best half and the little one who is celebrating thalai new year:) Stay blessed.

gils said...

appo pudu veedu vaanga poreengala irukum :) nanrigal for the wishes

Ramesh said...

Best wishes Gilsu. I hereby predict the following for you

- Another award as Mokkai Mannar
- Promotion from Swami Gilsananda to Maha Swami Gilsananda
- Certified expert in People Soft (Father's module)

Happy New year :):):)

gils said...

Avvvvvvvv..danx thals

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Gils! So many predictions for 2016, what about Gils? What are his plans for this year? :)
May the force be with you too!
-Avada Kedavra

gils said...

Gils plan to be more steady and static. No more jumping and changing. Planning to stand and stay secure for more time to come :)