Wednesday, January 27, 2016

H for Hello World


I opened my eyes from my little nap and tried to stretch my limbs a little only to find it hitting a netted ceiling. WHOA. This was not there when i went to sleep!!?? I got scared a bit and a cry formed on my throat. Before i could belt out a full blown version, i saw that familiar face rushing towards me. Its my favourite face of the few i get to see everyday. This character is very sweet and attends to me whenever i am in need. I just have to raise my voice a little and that giant form will immediately appear before me.

I was still in a half cry mode when that character lifted me off from my bed and started saying funny things at me. Though i couldn't make anything out of it, it still felt soothing and calmed me down. I was carried to a bright place where the other familiar faces were present. That place was a lot brighter and i had to blink my eyes many time before i could adjust. They all started shouting in chorus looking at me. Somehow i could sense their feeling of joy and smiled back at them. My second favourite face of the lot said something and the one who was carrying me, dropped me on that persons lap. Though they looked different, they were both similar in almost all aspects. The second character had difficulty in lifting me and kept me on the lap. I started looking around and was astonished to see that huge thing which spins slow in my sleeping place has followed me to this place as well. Only that it was not spinning.

As i was wondering how come its still, the third familiar face went somewhere and did something and all of a sudden the giant thing started spinning. It became breezy and felt nice. There were some bright colored things that made funny sounds and were loud. I felt like licking them and when i was about to take them to my mouth, they were plucked from my hands by the third giant. I felt angry and confused, having been denied to taste them.The third giant looked no way similar to the other two but i've to admit, i feel way too comfortable when i am lifted up and rest on those shoulders. I can see the giant spinning thing lot closer and all those bright things up so close that i had to squint my eyes. I turned away and rested my head. Since i was denied my "chew" at those bright things, i started chewing my hands. I like doing that. I like to feel the taste of each of my finger while i stare all around in rapt attention.


I feel hungry. It makes me restless. Let me have my food now and take a nap. Will catch up with you later.



Anonymous said...

From the little prince's perspective :) Good one VSR :)


Ramesh said...

Brilliant. What a nice post. Stop coding and move over to Kollywood as Kadai vachanam direction ...........

gils said...

nanni nanni

avvvvvvvvvvv....danx :)

Vincy said...

Gilsu, I see the father in you. The narrative is so good, I second Ramesh's opinion. Get into Kollywood.

gils said...

avvvvvvvvvvvv....nanni nanni

Asha said...

Awww....that's so cute...never read one from an infant's perspective. Honestly mudalla padikkumpodu, i thought edho gulliver's travelsoda sequel polirukkunnu....very nice:)

gils said... him we are all gulliver :)