Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Indru Netru Naalai - review

Sci-fi movie in tamil..I don't remember any other movie in recent time or past that has stood afresh in memory. That such a genre could be a moneyspinner in southern box office itself is something that is amazing. It goes to show the changing sense of movie watchers and opens up newer genres, previously untouched for fear of failure.

Wonder had those previous attempts been this simple or logical, maybe we would've seen lot such in those genre. Considering that right from our Puranas we had so much scientific inventions and thought process in our stories, this is one area, where we need more and more stories to be told. Sci-fi movies from Hollywood have even laid claim to fame for some of the recent inventions. Probably its high time we let our imagination run riot on screen and who knows the next big invention may be sitting on the script of one of the budding directors out there, awaiting his shot at glory.

 Indru Netru Naalai is similar to the Back to the Future movie series, only at the theme level. There is a time machine connection. There are sequences wherein the lead players go back and forth. Beyond that its a truly original story. If you or me have a chance at time travel and use it to fix our problems, what we may do is what the story is. The ending is also so logically concluded for anyone to find fault and the screenplay is so simple enough to lure even the die hard masala fans to watch the movie and enjoy. Karunakaran does manage to raise a few laughs based on situational comedies and his Bagyaraj like looks. The scientist guy is slowly carving a niche for himself in tinsel town. There would surely be more of him to be seen in future releases. Jeeva is quickly learning the trick of picking successful scripts which are both niche and clicks at box office. Be it Mundasupatti or Jeeva or even his prior ventures like Kulla narikoottam or Vennila kabadi kuzhu all his movies are different from one another. He hits bulls eye in this movie as well.

Gils verdict: Nice movie. Good time pass and possibly a trend setter to break the horror story craze set by the Kanachana franchise.

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