Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bahubali - review

Weekend movie watchla intha vaaram - vera enna Bahubali thaan.
Namma makkalaam sentimental janangannu once again they prove. Visvaroopam controvesyappo when kamal cried that he is broke and if the movie doesn't do well he would be standing in nadu theru, sontha kaasu poattu cheque anupinathu yaaru..namma makkal thaen. Ippo paarunga..230 crores poattu padam pannirukangalam..apdi enna thaan irukumnu vedikka paaka vantha gumbal, moonay naalula poatta kaasula paathi collect panni kuduthirukaanga!! Paasakara payalunga.

Padam epdirukku?

Amar chitra katha pudikatha aalay irukka mudiathu. If one has to bring those stories to life and make justice to it,definitely it would need such a big budget and obviously there would be returns. This movie is no exception to this rule. Right from the first teaser with the hand majestically holding the baby to the waterfall cross jump scene and the battle sequences the movie never fails to meet the expectations raised sky high. Its an ordinary story with very normal dialogues and predictable screenplay and almost brazen acting by the lead players. But the effort to bring out the same on screen has been outstanding to say the least. Its the sub characters who lift the movie by their acting. Ramyakrishan goes one up on her Neelambari performance. Majestic she is. Satyaraj plays the role of slave to throne to dot. Why he killed Bahubali is the question that has set the stage well for the sequel. Rana Dagubatti has beefed up his physique to look every inch the menacing villain. He is every bit the caricature villain we grew up watching in the Doordarshan drama series on Mahabaratha and Ramayana. Prabhas and Tamanna are mere eye candy for respective fan clubs. Anushkas...avvvv...adutha partkuga waiting. Ipdi Karan Arjun Rakhee mathiri..mera beta aayega dialogue mattum vachu oatitanga.

I loved the innovation on war machines and battle formations. Had any of them being lifted from any other Hollywood or Chinese movies, it would've killed the hype. The much touted new language created specially for the movie falls flat. Nothing much to write about it either. Surprisingly for a movie of such a big canvas and scale, there is hardly anything to write about it :)

Gils verdict: Good timepass movie :)

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