Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kaathaadi manithargal

When i started blogging, i considered it as an alternate to diary writing for two reasons: one- ezhutharathuku avlo somberithanam and felt insecure with people poking nose into my polambals, which is heights of hypocisy considering all these posts are the very opposite of that intent and two - a kind of record for myself to read through at a later point in time, for i am very forgetful with life events and atleast whatever little i could keep track through these posts will trigger some memories. In short, you couldn't have ventured into a more narccissitic blog.

I've always had fear for unknown and still do, yet monotony scares me more. From the track of it, whenever i changed companies i've always had this confusion whether was i right with my decision. For in almost all cases, the trigger to quit was never because of job pressure or lack of satisfaction and sal hike has rarely been the reason. Infact, all the places from where i moved on had stabler environs, friendly teams, buddy managers and a relaxed job at the best. Still, oru stageku mela, bore aaiduthu. Differenta edachum pananum, adhey samayathula maasa maasam salaryum regulara varanum apdinu nool lenghthu ethaapola parakara pala kaathaadi manushangalla i am also one. E Pluribus Unum you see :) Enga poi sikkika porennu teriama kaathadikara pakkama parakka try pannalum, i want to root myself somewhere. Pona jenmathula pollen graina poranthirupen nenakren :)

Guess we are all like kites in many ways. Family, peers, society ipidi pala constraints determine the thread that holds us or limits the heights we can fly. Sila per, pull apart from all these constraints and get sikkified somewhere. Silar apdiye kaanamaiyum poidraanga. Silar parakkatha kaathadi mathiri ezhumbarathay illa. Replace kite with anything, life and people will still make a meaningful resemblance. Ivlo simplea explain panna koodia mattera irunthaalum, en vaazharathuku avlo kashtapada vendi irukku?? Kaathadikkay velicham.

Appalika meetaren. Varta :)


Asha said...

True about katthadi manithargal....there are many there but some have got anchored after flying aimlessly.

( btw, you are a book lover and must have read Zen garden by subrato bagchi, if not lay your hands, there are many katthadi manidargal who have made it big in that book)

gils said...

zen garden!! kelvi patta pera irukkay..wl chk maadi :)