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Mike testing..1..2..3

Makkalay..yaavarum nalama.
Thirakkavay thirakaatha kadainu almost naanay decide pannirunthen. Not for want of ideas or time. Facebook has eaten up almost all of my free hours..which is quite a lot of time actually :) Solra karuthu karumaanthiramlaam angeye solidrathala athukapramum inga vanthu vada suda maavu missing.
Ippo post poda vanthathulenthay usual..i the kambeni changed. Enna kaetta, kekalainaalum solluven..still, five years once kambeni change pannikanum..ila atleast benchla konja naal irukanum. Projectla irukarapo..kooda irukara team members or at the worst/max saga employees kooda mattum thaan pesi pazhagara chance irukku. Benchla irukarapo thaan it gives a totally new meaning to people interaction. Naaliku enga entha projectla yaar kitta velaipaakanumo..entha oorla poduvaanongara bayam kalantha anticipation helps to gel relations. Aprum project senthu palanaal kazhichi paathukarapo..Boss engira baskaranla arrearls meet pannikara makku pasanga mathiri..."ohh..avara..he was my bench mate"nu perumaiya sollikalam paarunga. (Project assign aana makkalukku oru munnarivuppu. This is not a "chee chee intha pazham pulikkum post". When branded vetti officially..idle mind is blogspot's postshop)

Intha inbetween gap of silapala monthsla..Amma arrest aagi release aagi..India oru course thorthu mudichu thirumba jeikkavay aarambichidichi!!! Inimaylaachum konjam timelya mokka poda paakren.


Asha said…
First and foremost congrats on the new job..secondly adhey vadaiaa inga vandu sudavendiyadu danay?

20 years kazhichhi kooda padikkalam whereas in FB everything gets lost...mmmmm....sollavendiadu solliacchu..btw...multilple treats you have to give for kalyanam, etc.etc.....alerting now only:))))

on a serious note...Welcome back!!! and stay here and give us #commutisms.

Vincy said…
Gils, just one note to you. Please for heavensake understand, you are being deeply missed in the blogworld. you better blog regularly. and this is not a request, it is a threat - am being very clear.

and congratulations on the new job, I will pray you would be on perennial bench so that we get to see more of you in this side of the world :-) :-) :-)
gils said…
nanrigal pala..madam unga pasanga pinra pinnalsa neenga padu asathala posta poattu thalrel..supera irukku padikka..commutisms..avvvvvv...enakku oru kodumai nadakuthunna athila ulgathuku ivlo santhoshama
gils said…
heyyy...epdikireenga...valentines dayku cake vetti kondaadineengalay..aathukararuku icingaachum unda? hehehe...unga poratha kaalam..benchla irukeno ilayo konjam ranakodura mokka podra formla iruken :d neenga gaali
Ramesh said…
Hullo Hullo, Mike response 1,2,3

Vaazhthukkal - from Kohima :)
Vincy said…
cake only for friend. Icing for children. Halwa for husband. namakku kudukaratha thirippi kudukkanum illa ??? :-) :-)

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