Wednesday, June 05, 2013

G for- Gilosophically speaking

Ennada "F" kaprum "I" post vanthutu Ippo "G" varuthay paakreengala.. ABCD la kolaaru illa...Inferno review post munnadiye schedule panniten...aana "G" and "H" topicla post podrathukulla.."I" release aaidichi :D:D

Certain times and days in life makes one wonder what did they do to deserve such a day. Most of the time people realise this on the worst day of their life. Have ever one wondered on the happiest day of their life??

Last weekend I got a call from 6t, my google search in Chennai :) She helps me with pinpoint GPS to reach my destination whenever I am lost for route, which is almost always the case. She called me to Odyssey to meet and told me its the one next to Adyar depot. Enakku terinja history geography padi...adyar depot kitta Odyssey lethu..still..Googley sonnaparum no appealnu I went. When I was about to get down, I called her and this time google recalculated the route and pointed me towards Adyar terminus. Seri..serverla sila sayama ipdilam sikkal vararathu undunu went to the shop. Anga we were putting usual mokkai. She got a call from another blog friend who was supposedly waiting for us on Coffee day. Pora vazhila she was in deep thought and suddenly asked if I would want icecream. Namakku thaan ice cream saapda kaalam neramay kedayathay. So we went to Ibaco and as usual I was yakking away. Her phone died and she borrowed mine to check with our mutual friend if she has reached CCD. On the way to CCD suddenly the venue got changed to zha café. Even though I knew she had been to that place a zillion times, she feigned ignorance of the route and we slowly trudged to the venue. Pora vazhila thideernu she pointed at one house and marvelled its appearance. Appavi gils fell for that as well and yakked away about the real estate in all its glory. As we approached the venue, she again drew my attention to some poonal poatta maama doing homam and pogai coming from some window. Intha inbetween gapla I saw some usual suspects from our blogger community ganging up at the café. Ivanga engada Inga vanthaangannu was wondering when I saw her waving to them too. When we entered the café then only realised the entire setup was to kidnap me into a surprise party :) And waateey surprise it turned out to be!!!!

Our entire gang was teamed up inside Zha café with a chocolate cake awaiting me :) The topping on the cake was a guy wearing green tee and blue jean wondering on which direction to take :) Clueless in Chennai nu caption mattum thaan baaki..rather it read "Happy birthday Gils". The gifts that they had bought for me showed the amount of preparation that had gone behind the meet. For the previous one week there had been so much of discussion going back and forth between the junta and when I finally read through those threads it was a laugh riot. Poonai bought me a scrabble board and god knows how much was that telescope that they gifted. But the best of the lot was the video presentation they all had made for me with wishes from all over the world. I played that video till I had it by heart for every single frame it played. It was the best ever gift I had ever got on any day of my life. And considering the number of people who were involved in that video and it would've taken so much time and effort. And all for a person whom they've hardly met a couple of times!!!

The after effects of that kickass meet is still reverberating all over Facebook with awesome photos. Makes me wonder what did I do to deserve such wonderful people in my life. It was a surprise that shocked my consciousness. How can people be so generous and loving and affectionate without expecting anything in return!!! There is a saying - Never count your blessings. But if its in the form of people around you, its hard not to. For all that love they showered on me, I've just one thing to say - Thank you. I may not deserve it, but I really really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Ipdi than enakkum irunthathu. I know that feeling bro. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ramesh said...

Awwww. That's the way to surprise and celebrate a good friend.

Well done gang.

Happy birthday Gils.

Gilosophy vaazhga vaazhga :)

Anonymous said...

Deep pheelings gils! Credit goes to Prassana for the video! his idea totally!

Anonymous said...

:) Nice post Gils... Certain times and days in life makes one wonder what did they do to deserve such a day.
You deserved such a day it seems.

Vincy said...

Belated birthday wishes Gils. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday - I am sure you will cherish this memory forever. :-)

You being such a nice soul, you deserve every bit of this :-)

Vincy said...

Belated birthday Wishes Gils.

What a way to celebrate your birthday - truly blessed to have such lovely friends.

am sure you will remember this forever. :-)

for being such a good soul, you deserve every bit of this :-)

Vidya said...

Look like I missed your birthday and enjoyed reading this post! Nice post and you absolutely deserve it!


Asha said...

You deserve this.

ippidi ellam sonna daan madras vandha rendu party kidaikkum.

Belated birthday wishes:)