Sunday, June 09, 2013

H - for haiiooo haiooo

Baashai teriaatha oorla namma makkal podra scene irukkay :) typicall theriyum..ivan namma oor kaara paya thaannu..
I met my first room mate in Banglore courtesy an incident like this.

It was my first trip to Bengalooru and having trouble navigating within singara Chennai itself, I was kind of wondering how will I kuppai kottify in the jelabi desam. I boarded the bus from Majestic to commence the first of my numerous trips on the same route to Kempfort.
Being my first ever trip outside of Chennai, I was super terrified on the 6 hour train journey to catch a wink of sleep and zombie walked myself to the bus stand after asking for direction from every single person on the station.
"Kodihalli hogithini??"
Asked one abala kural. Till date my kannada hasn't reached a state to understand if that was a question or an answer.
"Kodihalli hogithini?" asked the same voice again. Pencilla kodu poata mathiri oru body. Antha bodyoda framework thaandi rendu sideum extend aagara mathiri oru kannaadi. Oru maasa quotava oray naalula use panni vazhichi vaari kalaichi vitta thalai. Bharathiraja padathula vara hero mathiriye irukaanaynu manasukulla was laughing and looking at his hair style made me realise my own noodle stack was no less stylish. The conductor mean while replies in staccato-ish kannada to that guy.
The look on that guy's face clearly told that avanuku oru atcharam kooda purialanu. Still he didn't give up. Again he asked "Kodihalli hogithini?"
This time the conductor sudhaarichified.
"Aaamanga" and his face lit up like ECE bulb.
"Ethana thadava solrathu...Bussu..Kodihalli pogum pogumnu..pottiya thooki ulla vaiyaa firstu"
Thuli kooda vekkamay padama oru asattu siripoda he boarded the bus. Little did the conductor knew he had just invited the future APAC delivery unit head of Oracle corporation.

Atleast, after a decade of being in Banglore he would've picked up titbits of kannada is what one would be hoping. Oyr recent meet proved it wrong. We met for a lunch meet and he wanted to order hot water.
"Basss...bisi neeru?"
The waiter replied back again in chaste kannada that he will bring hot water.
Our hero didn't give up. With all the patience in the world, he asked again "Bass...bisi neeru?"
Immediately the waiter asked.."ennapa..tamizha?"

Athepdithaan kandupudikaraangalo theriala :D


Asha said...

// athepedithaan kandupidikkarangalo//- your lastlinekku ennoda experiencelerndu badil.

oru varushamaa...renda varshumaa...kaalam kaalama vera maanila makkal kannadam kathukka maatanga... aduvum namba makkal kannadatha kozhikirukkal madiri irukkunnu sollindu kathukkayvay maatanga... that's why the locals there get angry with the migrants.( majority patthi sonnen) there are a few minority like my family too. ennoda chittappa kozhi kirukkalnnnu sonnavar....inniku avaroda grown up pasangalukku sutthama tamizhay vaaradu...only kannnada.

BTW jalebi telugu daanay?

Ramesh said...

Thalayila ezhuthi ottirukkey - then easy to identify :)

The problem with Bangalore Kannadiagas is that almost everybody is bilingual or trilingual. So, all we migrants (Asha excepted), don't need to learn a word of kannada when we can manage beautifully with our own languages.